Hunt small game in Minnesota this winter

Hunting pheasants, ruffed grouse, squirrels or rabbits offers opportunities to enjoy the Minnesota outdoors as temperatures fall and snow blankets the landscape.
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* Pheasants – hunting is open through Jan. 2. On Dec. 1, the daily bag limit increases to three roosters, with a possession limit of nine roosters. Tip: Pheasants that found cover in crops now congregate in tall grass or marshes. Be safe around thin ice.
* Grouse – hunting is open through Jan. 2. Tip: Wintertime grouse hunters may find success during the golden hour, that last hour before sunset when ruffed grouse move out of their snow roosts to feed.
* Squirrels and rabbits – hunting is open through Feb. 28. Tip: Squirrels can be particularly active in the winter because they are in their breeding season. For rabbits, be ready for action around thick cover, such as brush piles, thorn tangles and briars.

SOURCE: Minnesota DNR