Hold and photograph your fish responsibly

Did you know there is a proper way to hold and release a fish?
Holding a fish by its gills or lower jaw can hurt the fish and may affect its survival. Hold your catch with two hands and gently release it back into the water.
To capture great photos before releasing your catch:
* Make sure to have your camera ready.
* Limit the fish’s time out of the water and don’t let it thrash around in the boat.
* Hold the fish firmly with both hands. If you want the fish to appear larger in photos, hold it away from your body.
* After taking the photo, release the fish gently into the water. Avoid the “plop” back into the water.
Remember: A good release can give another angler a great fishing memory!
Find tips for releasing different kinds of fish on the DNR’s website at https://dnr.wisconsin.gov/topic/Fishing/outreach/ResponsibleRelease.html.

SOURCE: Wisconsin DNR