Wisconsin anglers spear 27 sturgeon on Day 6

There were 27 lake sturgeon harvested on Day 6 of the 2020 sturgeon spearing fishery on the Winnebago System.
Thursday's harvest of 17 fish from Lake Winnebago brings the season total to 143 fish, while the 10 fish taken from the Upriver Lakes brings the season total to 187.
Registration numbers have been picking up at Waverly Beach in recent days. In fact, almost half of the fish harvested from Lake Winnebago on Thursday were registered at the Waverly Beach registration station.
The largest fish in Thursday's harvest was 119.5 pounds, 73.0 inches and registered at Wendt's by Ronald Goldaspske.
The largest fish from the Upriver Lakes was 105.8 pounds, 69.6 inches and registered at Critter's by Tonya Winkelman.   

SOURCE: Wisconsin DNR