Outdoors calendar


(Effective Date: April 1, 2022; Dates Inclusive)

General Inland Trout: May 7 (5 a.m.)-Oct. 15
General Inland Fishing: May 7-March 5, 2023
Largemouth Bass Northern Zone Harvest: May 7-March 5, 2023
Smallmouth Bass Northern Zone Harvest: June 18 - March 5, 2023
Large And Smallmouth Bass Southern Zone Harvest: May 7-March 5, 2023
Large And Smallmouth Bass Catch And Release: At all other times of the year
Musky Northern Zone Harvest: May 28-Dec. 31
Musky Southern Zone Harvest: May 7-Dec. 31
Northern Pike: May 7-March 5, 2023
Walleye: May 7-March 5, 2023
Lake Sturgeon: Feb. 12-Feb. 27 (spearing); Sept. 3-30 (hook-and-line)
Free Fishing Weekends: June 4-5; Jan. 21-22, 2023
* Not sure which zone you're fishing? Have other questions? Refer to the Wisconsin Fishing Season Definitions for specifics.

July 29: MLF Abu Garcia Central Conference College Tournament in La Crosse.
July 30: MLF Favorite Fishing High School Tournament in La Crosse.  
Aug. 13: MLF Phoenix Bass Fishing League Great Lakes Qualifier in Prairie du Chien.
Aug. 26-29: Bassmaster Elite Series Qualifier in La Crosse.
Sept. 10-11: MLF Phoenix Bass Fishing League Great Lakes Super Tournament in La Crosse.
Oct. 13-15: MLF Phoenix Bass Fishing League Region 3 Championship in La Crosse.


* Archery and Crossbow: Sept. 17-Jan. 8, 2023
*No bucks may be harvested during the antlerless-only hunts identified below.
Archery and Crossbow (*Metro Sub-units and counties with extended archery seasons): Sept. 17-Jan. 31, 2023
See the following map for counties with extended archery seasons: https://widnr.widen.net/s/jdqgztt6ph/deer_zonesssforweb
Gun hunt for hunters with disabilities (This is not a statewide season): Oct. 1-9
Youth deer hunt: Oct. 8-9
Gun: Nov. 19-27
Muzzleloader: Nov. 28-Dec. 7
December 4-Day Antlerless Only Hunt: Dec. 8-11
Antlerless-Only Holiday Hunt (Open only in select Farmland (Zone 2) counties. Please see page 12 of combined hunting regulations for valid counties): Dec. 24-Jan. 1, 2023
All dates are subject to change through rule-making or a legislative process. Please check the Wisconsin Hunting Regulations for a complete set of dates and unit designations.

The application deadline for bear permits is always Dec. 10, the year prior to the season.
Zones A, B, D: where dogs are permitted: Sept. 7-13, with aid of bait; with all other legal methods not using dogs.
Zones A, B, D: where dogs are permitted: Sept. 14-Oct. 4, with aid of dogs; with aid of bait; with all other legal methods.
Zones A, B, D: where dogs are permitted: Oct. 5-11, with aid of dogs only.
Zones C, E, F: where dogs are not permitted: Sept. 7-Oct. 11, with aid of bait, with all other legal methods not using dogs.

Early Teal: Sept. 1-9
Early Goose: Sept. 1-15
Rail (Virginia, Sora): Sept. 1-Nov. 9
Snipe: Sept. 1-Nov. 9
Common Gallinule: Sept. 1-Nov. 9
Mourning Dove: Sept. 1-Nov. 29
Youth Waterfowl: Sept. 17-18
Woodcock: Sept. 24-Nov. 7
Northern Duck Zone: Sept. 24-Nov. 22
Southern Duck Zone: Oct. 1-9; Oct. 15-Dec. 4
Open Water Duck Zone: Oct. 15-Dec. 13
Coot: Same as Wild Duck Zone you are Hunting.
Northern Goose Zone: Sept. 16-Dec. 16
Southern Goose Zone: Sept. 16-Oct. 9; Oct. 15-Dec. 4; Dec. 18-Jan. 3, 2023
Mississippi River Goose Zone: Oct. 1-Oct. 9; Oct. 15-Jan. 3, 2023

The application deadline for spring turkey harvest authorizations is always Dec. 10.
Spring 2022
Period F: May 25-31
Fall 2022
Zones 1-5: Sept. 17-Jan. 8, 2023
Zones 6-7: Sept. 17-Nov. 18

Cottontail rabbit
Northern zone: Sept. 17-Feb. 28, 2023
Southern zone: Oct. 15 (9 a.m.)-Feb. 28, 2023
Milwaukee County: Year-round.
Squirrels (gray and fox)        
Statewide: Sept. 17–Jan. 31, 2023
Hunting protected species, such as badger, jackrabbit, moose, and flying squirrel are prohibited.
Check the small game hunting regulations for a complete set of rules.

Pheasant Statewide: Oct. 15(9 a.m.)-Jan. 8, 2023
Ruffed grouse
Zone A: Sept. 17-Jan. 8, 2023
Zone B: Oct. 15-Dec. 8
Crow Statewide: Sept. 17-Nov. 17; Jan. 18, 2023-Mar. 20, 2023
Hungarian partridge: Statewide (closed in Clark, Marathon, and Taylor counties) Oct. 15(9 a.m.)-Jan. 8, 2023
Sharp-tailed grouse: Season is under review; Oct. 15-Nov. 6 (only if the season is open).
Bobwhite quail Statewide: Oct. 15 (9 a.m.)-Dec. 7
Check the regulations for a complete set of rules.

The application deadline for bobcat and fisher permits is always Aug. 1. An otter application will no longer be required for the 2022 season.
Coyote: Hunting - Year-round; Trapping - See coyote trapping seasons.
Fox, red and gray: Hunting - Oct. 15-Feb. 15, 2023; Trapping - See fox trapping seasons.
Beaver: See beaver trapping seasons.
Mink: See mink trapping seasons.
Muskrat: See muskrat trapping seasons.
Bobcat (Hunting) - Oct. 15-Dec. 25; Dec. 26-Jan. 31, 2023; (Trapping) - See bobcat trapping seasons.
Fisher: See fisher trapping seasons.
Otter: See otter trapping seasons.
Raccoon: (Resident) Oct. 15-Feb. 15, 2023; (Non-resident) Oct. 29-Feb. 15, 2023; (Trapping) See raccoon trapping seasons.