Tough… yet gentle

This time of the year, The Outdoors Guy loves to have a front row seat, by way of his computer, to the Minnesota DNR eagle cam.
Since early February, he’s had his own eagle-eye on the nest, watching and waiting for the eagles to arrive.
When they did, he announced their arrival with a hardy, “The eagles are here!” It was as if he was telling me friends had arrived for dinner!
For a number of years we watched the Decorah, Iowa Raptors Resource eagles. However, that nest is deserted. There is a Decorah North cam, but The Outdoors Guy has been tuned to the Minnesota DNR Nongame Wildlife EagleCam instead. You can, too, by logging onto
Saturday, Feb. 12, the female eagle, named Nancy, laid her first egg shortly after 5 p.m. The Outdoors Guy called me to his study so I could see it. Then, on Tuesday, Feb. 15, she laid her second egg about 2 p.m. We are waiting to see if a third egg arrives. Although Nancy raised two offspring last year, eagles can lay up to three eggs.
There have been some challenges weather-wise for mama eagle. Snow and high winds have been the two biggest trials. Yet, she remains stalwart in nature’s duties set before her.
Another reason the Outdoors Guy loves watching mama eagle is because she reminds him of his dad, Ray. Eagles are tough and rugged, yet gentle!
If you watch mama eagle tenderly turn her eggs in the nest bole, it seems those long, strong talons would destroy the delicate eggs. Yes, she is strong, but ever-so gentle in her motherly duties.
In comparison, The Outdoors Guy’s father was a rough and tough kind of guy. Ray was a welder. He worked hard… played hard, too.
Yet, Ray could be soft-spoken and gentle in some of his ways. It was especially evident on summer days when I looked out the kitchen window and saw “Grandpa” coming to the back door. He walked ever-so-gingerly while cradling a bouquet of fresh flowers from his garden, or a loaf of his homemade baked bread. Then, he ever-so-tenderly delivered them along with a pleasant visit. Those memories are like short videos playing in my mind... recollections I’ll always cherish.
May God care for the eagles as they follow His plan. And may we never forget the tenderness and loving acts of our loved ones who also cared for us like mama eagles… tough, yet gentle!!!