Big wheels rollin’

Monday of this week, The Outdoors Guy and I traveled to Mayo Clinic-Rochester to have my cochlear implant re-progammed.
My implant surgery took place a year ago in May. It is normal for the brain to take about one year to adapt to the device. In the beginning, men’s voices were gruff and women’s voices sounded like Mini-Mouse!
I am fortunate because voices began to sound normal to me after about six months. Now, with the implant, my hearing is totally normal.
The testing went well. I am at or above the levels the staff likes to see at the one-year anniversary.
The drive home… well… that was another story. The Outdoors Guy and I had a heart-stopping experience.
We were eastbound on I-90, about 20 minutes into our return trip to La Crosse, following a semi, who was a ways ahead of us. Traveling at about 75 mph, Bob pulled out to pass.
Suddenly, the semi had a blowout!! The tire came spinning toward us at a high rate of speed!!! Bob had a split second to decide what to do. Knowing he had to be careful not to go into the median, yet somehow keep us on I-90, he tried to position the Jeep to miss the tire, but it was impossible. The tire crossed the center line and came barreling straight at us!
The tire slammed underneath us with a loud thunk!!! Nonetheless, Bob was able to keep the Jeep under control.
The semi driver pulled over, but it took us about a minute to stop. When we did, we were a ways ahead of the semi. By then, it had also started to rain.
We both got out of our Jeep and looked underneath it as best as we could. We couldn't see any damage, thanks be to God! Still, we were both extremely shook up.
We gathered our senses and continued home, but not before we came across another semi along the highway who also had a blowout. YIKES!
We were never happier to get home!!! When we did, I told Bob, “ I guess our expiration date isn't up yet!!” We both managed a laugh that was really more a sigh of great relief!!!

“He will cover you with his wings; you will be safe in his care; his faithfulness will protect and defend you.” Psalm 91:4