My COVID-19 experience

If you read two of my previous blogs in May, you know I had day surgery at St. Mary’s Hospital-Rochester for a cochlear implant.
In those blogs, I didn’t include information regarding COVID-19. Two days before my surgery scheduled on May 6, I was required to be tested for the virus at Rochester’s Mayo Clinic.
The nasal swab test returned negative. But, to my complete surprise, the blood test was positive. According to my local primary physician, Dr. Martha Binn, this meant I was indeed infected with the virus at some point in the past. But I was asymptomatic and did not know I was sick. Still, Dr. Binn said I did have the virus.
What makes my diagnosis ironic is sometime in March I told family members this was the healthiest winter I’ve had for several years with not even a cold. Strange!
Upon reflecting as to when and how I could have picked up the virus, only one possibility came to mind.
The last weekend in February, we were with family at a Minnesota hotel/water park. The following week, a family member became very ill. At the time, we thought it must have been a bug. Yet, it was something our family member had never experienced before.
Back in February, we were aware of COVID-19 in China and Italy, and we had begun to learn about cases in New York. But, we didn’t realize it had already infiltrated mid-America.
Later though, after we learned more about COVID-19, there was no doubt the family member had contracted the virus at the hotel/water park. I am convinced that is where I got it, too. Why? Because the hotel lobby was packed and the game room was busy. Elevators were crammed shoulder-to-shoulder with people breathing on each other and plenty of floor-button touching. YIKES!!!
As far as we know, The Outdoors Guy didn’t contract COVID from me, nor did any of our other family members from their household. Yet, they could have and, like me, were asymptomatic.
We continue to wear masks and take recommended precautions.
Will we get the vaccine when it is available? Absolutely! The obvious reason: Dr. Binn advised, “There is no way of knowing how long the antibodies will last.”
My antibodies could be long gone by now.
Our country’s citizens anxiously await the day when life returns to normal. Then, except for lessons learned and the tragedy of lives lost, may COVID-19 be but a distant memory in our nation’s history.