Beat COVID-19 with “Curbside Chats”

Before many of us were born, President Franklin D. Roosevelt held evening radio fireside chats from 1933-1944.
During Roosevelt’s presidency, he addressed issues of the day to suppress rumors, explain his strategy and calm the population during World War II.
At this time in our country’s history, we are fighting a different kind of enemy against the dreaded COVID-19. During this time, citizens must practice social distancing. But, our family has come up with our own way to cope with this rule.
The Outdoors Guy and I have adopted what we call "Curbside Chats." Who says family can’t get together during COVID-19? I’d like to see anyone try to stop us!!!
Our youngest son, Evan, and daughter-in-law, Annie, live across town from us. When the virus hit, we were texting and checking in with phone calls, but it wasn’t the same as seeing their smiling faces and enjoying their company in person.
Our first “Curbside Chat” was spur of the moment. One day, I had suggested to The Outdoors Guy that we take a drive to get out of the house. We planned to check out the rising flood waters in several favorite spots.
As we drove, I said, “Let’s call Evan, see if he and Annie are home, and if they want to come outside for a Curbside Chat. We’ll stand by the Jeep and they can stay in their front yard.”
"Sounds good to me,” he said.
Yay! The kids were home and ready for a visit!!!
It was so good to see their smiling faces despite the invisible line drawn between us. They sat on their lawn and we stayed on the boulevard near our Jeep. They also brought their adorable beagle, Bibi, outside with them. She wanted to get to us so badly, but the kids wouldn’t let her.
Because we are considered in the high-risk category, Evan and Annie wanted to play it safe. They both work among the public. And, although they are extremely cautious, they were concerned if Bibi had been petted by them or someone else who was unknowingly carrying the virus, it could be transferred to us.
According to Dr. Jay Butler, CDC deputy director for infectious diseases, who was quoted during a CDC Emergency Preparedness and Response page on Facebook live March 18, “It’s possible that the novel coronavirus can survive on surfaces for minutes, or even hours.”
Evan and Annie were taking no chances!
Other than not getting to pet our favorite beagle, the Curbside Chat lifted our spirits!! In fact, we determined it would not be our last. The next one is coming up soon and we can’t wait!!
Now, if we could only figure out a way to have Curbside Chats with our oldest son, Jon, daughter-in-law, Sara, along with grandsons, Jackson and Bryson, and their darling Yorkie, Guinness, it would be a bonus. Unfortunately, it’s a long drive from La Crosse to Cloquet, MN. We’ve had to settle for phone calls with them.
At a time when we especially want to keep our loves ones close, but government rules and regulations forbid it if we don’t live in the same household, this has been a great compromise for us.
If you are missing loved ones who live close by, try our Curbside Chats. You can go to them or they can come to you.
Curbside Chats help curb the blues until once again we can hug our loved ones even tighter than we ever have before!!!

(NOTE: Roosevelt is the only president in history to hold office for more than eight years, thereafter the Twenty-Second Amendment was passed by congress in 1947 and ratified by the states on Feb. 27, 1951 that states a person can only be elected to the presidency two times for a total of eight years.)