Change is in the air

The coronavirus has changed us all to a certain extent.
At this shocking time in our country’s history, we can’t live our lives the way we normally would or the way we wish we could. The little things in life we never gave a second thought to, such as coming and going and doing as we please, are now mostly off limits.
But, the crisis has also brought out the good in people. And, creativity as well.
Last week, one of the neighbors in our condo association, Lisa, emailed members that her significant other would be turning 50 on the 26th. Because of COVID-19, the plans they had to celebrate Paul’s birthday were rearranged.
So, Lisa hatched a plan to invite everyone in the association to gather in the road or driveway in front of their condo, using the 6-foot social distancing rule of course! Her request was simple: Sing Happy Birthday to Paul at 6:30. Lisa said she would manage to keep him away from the window until that time since she wanted it to be a surprise.
Lisa also stated she would tie a few balloons on nearby mailboxes, plus have some chalk art on the road and driveway when he returned home about 6 p.m.
As the clock inched toward 6:30, I crossed the road to meet neighbor, Leslie, and her husband, Jim. Others also began to flock toward Paul and Lisa’s condo. At the appointed time, we all joined in and raised our voices (and some their drinks) with the Happy Birthday lyrics as Paul and Lisa stepped outside.
The look on Paul’s face was one of surprise (she really did pull it off), and joy!!!
Afterward, we visited in celebratory fashion while following the rule to keep our distance.
It was a moment in time we will all remember… one small gesture to help make our neighbor’s 50th a birthday he isn’t likely to forget!!!