Out-hunting The Outdoors Guy

I gotta have a little fun with The Outdoors Guy once in awhile.
I’m serious when I tell you he can’t seem to find anything unless it’s right in front of his nose… and even then he usually can’t see it!!!
Just read on… I promise, in the end, it will all make sense!
The Outdoors Guy had his trail cam in our lower level window for two weeks hoping to get a few shots of deer passing by our condo.
Then, a couple weeks ago he took it down and put it in his workshop.
In the meantime, we ordered him a new desk chair for his study since the old one has been shedding like a Siberian husky!!
While waiting for the delivery, he remembered he had changed out the original casters on his current chair to a heavy-duty set. So, off he goes… downstairs looking for those casters. He looked high and low, but couldn’t come up with them and thought maybe he had gotten rid of them.
It was hard to hide the smirk on my face, and I didn’t say a word…. but I knew I could find those wheels!
Later that day, when he left for the boathouse. I practically did a wheelie wasting no time making tracks downstairs in my quest for the missing casters.
“Let’s see,” I thought to myself. “If I was The Outdoors Guy, where would I have put those wheels?”
I zeroed in on a long row of shelving. The first set has mostly paint and some of my things, so I skipped to the next set, containing mostly books.
“Nope, I thought, it’s not gonna be here.”
Then, turning my attention to the third set, I scanned the top two shelves. Hmmm. No wheels. The bottom shelf holds an extra-long tool box that our youngest son, Evan, made for his dad in high school shop class. They weren’t in there. But, next to it sat the trail cam.
At first I thought the casters wouldn’t, couldn’t possibly be on that shelf because The Outdoors Guy had just put the trail cam there two weeks before. Nevertheless, I looked.
Well! Wonder of wonders, DIRECTLY BEHIND THE TRAIL CAM, IN PLAIN VIEW, was a clear plastic bag containing the casters!! My little hunt took me all of three minutes!!!
I snatched the casters up like a cat who had just swallowed the canary, tore up the stairs and strategically placed the bag on the kitchen counter so The Outdoors Guy would spot them as soon as he got home.
Later, I heard the door open. Then, “Wheeeere did you find THESE??!!!”
Walking into the kitchen with a smuggy ear-to-ear grin, I took the “GREAT HUNTER” downstairs and showed him where the wheels were.
“No way!! I was just down there putting away my trail cam a couple weeks ago,” he griped.
“Well… the bigger question here is how do you manage to find your way out of the woods all these years when you can’t find something you put on a shelf that’s right in front of your eyes?!!!”
Let’s just say I’m dang glad I couldn’t understand his mumbled response!!!
Yes, it’s the little things in life!! Plus, sometimes it’s really fun to be Mrs. Outdoors!!!

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