Trempealeau Mountain Ryder Cup qualifying set

TREMPEALEAU, WI - Qualifying dates have been set for the Trempealeau Mountain Ryder Cup at Trempealeau Mounatin Golf Club.
Qualifying for the members-only event begins Monday, May 9 through Sunday, Aug. 28. There will be 18 qualifying weeks with 15 regular points, plus three double points.
Tournament dates for the top 22 players are Sept. 10-11.

Other rules include:
* Players may attempt a qualifying score once a week (Monday-Sunday).
* All players automatically receive 5 Points for attempting to qualify each week.
* Players are responsible for turning in a signed, dated and attested scorecard with last names that are Ryder Cup specific ONLY, a separate card from the daily pro shop game or other play.
* Points are then awarded to the top 20 gross scores each week.
* Low score of the week equals 20 points, 2nd equals 19, down to 1 point for 20th place.
* Major weeks are double points (U.S. Open, British Open and PGA Championship).
* The top 22 in points at the end of qualifying will be “drafted’ onto 2 opposing teams.
* The top 2 point qualifiers will serve as opposing captains, for the year-end matches, along with assistant captains Trempealeau Mountain Golf Club owner Chad Landis and special guest to be determined.
* Fees (cash only): $25/person for one-time registration fee.
* $1/week to qualify.
* $75/player for the final 22 team members.
* All money goes towards uniforms and food for the event date.
* Trempealeau Mountain matches are Sept. 10-11.
* Friday, Sept. 9: Dinner & match selections.
* Saturday, Sept. 10: 36 holes - Better ball & Chapman matches
* Sunday, Sept. 11: 18 holes - Individual matches.
For more information, call 608-534-7417, or go to