Church wins Men’s County Amateur in record fashion

HOLMEN, WI - Tyler Church has been close oh, so many times to winning a La Crosse County Amateur Men’s Golf Championship as presented by Pepsi-Cola of La Crosse.
The 25-year-old Church (pictured) finally accomplished his goal on Sunday at Drugans’ Castle Mound Country Club in Holmen.
“I’ve been close three or four times with a couple of seconds and thirds. Today was the day,” said Church with a wide smile.
Church fired a 5-under par 66 at The Golf Club at Cedar Creek on Saturday, then took what Drugan’s par-70 layout offered on Sunday. Church carded a 2-under 68 for a 134 two-day total to easily defeat defending champion Joe Weber who managed 73-67-140.
“I just tried to make pars, hit the middle of the greens, and give myself looks at 2-putts,” Church said. “I tried not to make any mistakes and just make as many pars as possible.”
Church won in record fashion, setting two County Amateur modern-day records. His 134 score was one stroke better than Weber (2017), Brady Strangstalien (2011) and Ryan Quinn (2003). Church’s six-stroke victory also broke the record of five set by Strangstalien (2011) and Quinn (1999).
The victory was sweet, especially with Church knowing he had a wide margin heading into the last few holes.
“I knew Weber was even with three holes to play and I was 6-under. I was pretty confident going into the last 3 holes,” Church said.
The walk up No. 18 was even better.
“That was really good because I didn’t have to do much, just 2-putt, and get out for par,” he said, savoring the moment.
Church has been close to the winner’s circle before, but this realized his dream since he was a youngster following the County Am.
“Yup, just fantastic. It’s always a good feeling and seeing everyone come out and follow us. Having my family here to support me is always really nice and to see everyone else stay around and watch was really special.”.
Jordan Graf and Shawn Borre tied for fourth place in Championship Flight with 144. Jon Wilson grabbed fifth with 145.
In other men’s action, Jon Strangstalien captures First Flight honors with 74-82-156. Robert Timm won Second Flight with 80-75-155, while Damian Bork managed 81-84-165 for the Third Flight crown. Marvin Davis, who has played in all 32 County Amateurs, won Fourth Flight with 75-87-162. For the first time in tournament history, Fourth Flight players played from the gold tees.


Sunday, Aug. 7, Final Round Results        
At Drugan's Castle Mound Country Club        
In Holmen, WI        

Men's Championship Flight        
Tyler Church 66-68 134
Joe Weber 73-67 140
Jordan Graf 70-74 144
Shaun Borre 71-73 144
Jon Wilson 75-70 145
Carson Brock 75-71 146
Mike Drugan 72-75 147
Paul Williamson 76-72 148
James DeBoer 75-74 149
Mason Milner 76-73 149
Eric Olson 76-73 149
Ross Wilhelm 73-77 150
Sam Evenson 77-73 150
Nick Anderson 77-73 150
Marcus Williamson 80-70 150
Drew Schroeder 75-76 151
Aaron Bishop 78-74 152
John Percy 79-73 152
Quinn Schultz 80-74 154
Ryan Quinn 81-74 155
Montana Stewart 82-73 155
Tom McClintock 78-79 157
Tony Roberts 77-81 158
Sam Dobbins 79-79 158
Cody Dirks 81-77 158
Brennan Dirks 80-79 159
Bruce Simones 82-78 160
Joel Preeshl 84-76 160
Carter Gault 80-81 161
Sam Simones 81-80 161
Bjorn Berg 77-86 163
Trevor Schultz 83-80 163
Kade Smith 83-81 164
Ben Korger 83-81 164
Ethan Kramer 83-81 164
Carson Reider 85-86 171
Jack Litsheim 92-80 172
Jared Gendron 91-84 175
Noah Neil Nelson 93-82 175
Austin Roth 82-DQ
Mark Miller 87-DQ

Men's First Flight
Jon Strangstalien 74-82 156
Jim Socha 78-79 157
Nick Skibba 78-80 158
Mitch Gault 82-77 159
Jeff Pigorsch 78-82 160
Sam Przywojski 83-77 160
Bruce Lindseth 78-83 161
Dalton Hoffland 81-80 161
Bob Newberry 83-80 163
Nick Dobbins 83-80 163
Tony Friedl 83-81 164
Alex Jackson 85-79 164
Will Hundt 86-78 164
Joe Hightower 81-85 166
Mason Lee 92-87 179

At The Golf Club at Cedar Creek        
In Onalaska, WI        

Men's Second Flight         
Robert Timm 80-75 155
Bill Feehan, Jr. 75-81 156
Rahn Pischke 78-80 158
Jordan Rudolph 82-78 160
Brandon Amann 80-81 161
Matt Euler 79-83 162
Paul Franke 77-87 164
Paul Bruha 79-87 166
Gavin Olson 81-87 168
John Munson 80-89 169
Jeff Osgood 83-88 171
Scott Strozinsky 87-86 173
Brock Morris 81-93 174
Ethan Phelps 89-95 184
Leon McNutt 89-96 185

Men's Third Flight         
Damian Bork 81-84 165
Joel LaPlount 78-89 167
Keith Seidel 79-90 169
Joe Hunter 83-87 170
Bob Roers 83-88 171
Brent Staff 84-87 171
Mark Millis 88-84 172
Tyler Ritter 88-87 175
Michael Oldenburg 85-91 176
Kyle Larkin 86-90 176
Chad Wynos 88-91 179
Curt McIlquham  85-99  184
Kyle Koske 94-98 192
Daniel Breeden 93-112 205
Jim Dolesy WD-Injury

Men's Fourth Flight         
Marv Davis 75-87 162
Eric Davidson 82-82 164
Mike Huegel 80-86 166
Ebe Bosse 80-88 168
Larry Shingleton 82-88 170
Boyd Grant 82-88 170
Robert Schoen 78-94 172
Monte Jacobson 84-90 174
Steven Hubbard 87-89 176
Greg Espenes 81-97 178
Dick Sater 85-94 79
Rod Kleinertz 91-88 179
Patrick Rice 83-103 186
Steve Crogan 95-102 197
Mike Fortin 94-104 198

Church fires 66 for 4-shot lead in Men’s County Amateur

ONALASKA, WI - Tyler Church has been oh so close to winning his first La Crosse County Amateur County Amateur Men’s County Amateur Golf Championship as presented by Pepsi-Cola of La Crosse.
Maybe this is Church’s year after firing a 5-under par 66 in the opening round of the 32nd annual, 36-hole event at The Golf Club at Cedar Creek in Onalska on Saturday. Church (pictured) has a four-stroke lead going into Sunday’s final round at Drugan’s Castle Mound Country Club in Holmen.
The question is can he hold off Jordan Graf or Shawn Borre in the final grouping? Graf posted 70 on Saturday. Borre managed even par 71. There’s also Mike Drugan, the 2005 champion and last week’s Kwik Trip Seniors winner with 72, in addition to 2009 champ Ross Wilhelm and three-time winner and defending champion Joe Weber, both at 73.
“I putted well today,” said Church. “I made a lot of putts and hit the ball really well.”
The long-hitting Church birdied three of the four par-5 holes. Finishing with a 1-under 35 on the front nine, Church added four more birdies on the back side. His scorecard showed 8 birdies, 7 pars and 3 bogeys.
Church’s strategy Sunday despite a rainy forecast?
“Don’t force anything and replicate what I did today,” he said, smiling.
Weber was 2-under after the front nine, but carded 39 on the back nine.
“I hit my irons really well all day, but I lost my driver on the back nine,” said the West Salem dentist. “I went 4-over on the back and Tyler went 4-under. That’s an 8-shot swing.”
Weber, playing in the same group with Church, said the leader was fun to watch.
“Tyler really hit the ball well and if he keeps the pedal to the metal, he deserves to win one of these. I hope he does,” Weber said. “As for me, my first goal on Sunday is to hit the first fairway and then go from there.”
Paul Williamson, all-time County Am winner with seven titles, shot 76.
“Tyler’s really hitting the ball well right now. Good for him,” he said.
Ryan Quinn, Williamson’s nephew who lives with his wife and twin sons in Bloomington, Ill., managed 81. One of his sons, Jack, followed his father all day.
“Golf is a hard sport,’ said Quinn, five-time County Am champ and former mini tour pro, who regained his amateur status several years ago. “I just didn’t play very well, but there’s more to golf nowadays. “I’m not as competitive, and there’s more things I want to be, like a good role model, things like that. That’s more important.”
Ross Wilhelm, a special agent with the Secret Service, and winner of the 2009 County Am, is in the process of moving his family from Oklahoma City, Okla., to Washington, D.C., after being assigned to the U.S. Presidential detail recently.
“I had 33 on the front, then everything changed and I didn’t hit very good shots,” said Wilhelm, who, like Quinn and 2006 champion Mason Milner from Burnsville, Minn., hope to return in 2023.
Elsewhere, Jon Strangstalien tops First Flight with 74, Bill Feehan, Jr., has a two-shot lead in Second Flight with 75,  Joel LaPlount’s 78 tops Third Flight, and Marv Davis owns a three-shot edge in Fourth Flight with 75. This is the first year that Fourth Flight players are using the gold tees.


Saturday, Aug. 6, First-Round Results
At The Golf Club at Cedar Creek
In Onalaska, WI

Men's Championship Flight
Tyler Church 35-31 66
Jordan Graf 34-36 70
Shaun Borre 36-35 71
Mike Drugan 37-35 72
Ross Wilhelm 33-40 73
Joe Weber 34-39 73
Jon Wilson 39-36 75
Drew Schroeder 36-39 75
James DeBoer 38-37 75
Carson Brock 38-37 75
Mason Milner 40-36 76
Eric Olson 41-35 76
Paul Williamson 40-36 76
Bjorn Berg 37-40 77
Tony Roberts 39-38 77
Sam Evenson 40-37 77
Nick Anderson 38-39 77
Aaron Bishop 35-43 78
Tom McClintock 40-38 78
Sam Dobbins 39-40 79
John Percy 39-40 79
Marcus Williamson 41-39 80
Brennan Dirks 38-42 80
Carter Gault 38-42 80
Quinn Schultz 40-40 80
Sam Simones 42-39 81
Cody Dirks 39-42 81
Ryan Quinn 40-41 81
Bruce Simones 43-39 82
Montana Stewart 43-39 82
Austin Roth 38-44 82
Trevor Schultz 42-41 83
Kade Smith 42-41 83
Ben Korger 44-39 83
Ethan Kramer 43-40 83
Joel Preeshl 41-43 84
Carson Reider 41-44 85
Mark Miller 43-44 87
Jared Gendron 51-40 91
Jack Litsheim 45-47 92
Noah Neil Nelson 47-46 93

Men's First Flight
Jon Strangstalien 36-38 74
Jim Socha 39-39 78
Jeff Pigorsch 39-39 78
Nick Skibba 37-41 78
Bruce Lindseth 38-40 78
Joe Hightower 36-45 81
Dalton Hoffland 42-39 81
Mitch Gault 41-41 82
Sam Przywojski 45-38 83
Bob Newberry 47-36 83
Nick Dobbins 40-43 83
Tony Friedl 39-44 83
Alex Jackson 43-42 85
Will Hundt 41-45 86
Mason Lee 43-49 92

Men's Second Flight
Bill Feehan, Jr. 36-39 75
Paul Franke 38-39 77
Rahn Pischke 39-39 78
Matt Euler 39-40 79
Paul Bruha 37-42 79
John Munson 42-38 80
Brandon Amann 38-42 80
Robert Timm 42-38 80
Brock Morris 39-42 81
Gavin Olson 41-40 81
Jordan Rudolph 40-42 82
Jeff Osgood 40-43 83
Scott Strozinsky 44-43 87
Leon McNutt 42-47 89
Ethan Phelps 44-45 89

Men's Third Flight
Joel LaPlount 36-42 78
Keith Seidel 39-40 79
Damian Bork 37-44 81
Joe Hunter 41-42 83
Bob Roers 40-43 83
Brent Staff 40-44 84
Curt McIlquham 42-43 85
Michael Oldenburg 43-42 85
Kyle Larkin 41-45 86
Tyler Ritter 43-45 88
Mark Millis 43-45 88
Chad Wynos 45-43 88
Daniel Breeden 48-45 93
Kyle Koske 44-50 94
Jim Dolesy WD-Injury

Men's Fourth Flight
Marv Davis 36-39 75
Robert Schoen 36-42 78
Mike Huegel 38-42 80
Ebe Bosse 39-41 80
Greg Espenes 40-41 81
Larry Shingleton 39-43 82
Boyd Grant 38-44 82
Eric Davidson 41-41 82
Patrick Rice 43-40 83
Monte Jacobson 44-40 84
Dick Sater 39-46 85
Steven Hubbard 41-46 87
Rod Kleinertz 45-46 91
Mike Fortin 44-50 94
Steve Crogan 46-49 95

Sunday, Aug. 7, Final-Round Pairings

At The Golf Club at Cedar Creek
In Onalaska, WI

Men's Fourth Flight
7:32 a.m. - Rod Kleinertz, Mike Fortin, Steve Crogan.
7:40 a.m.  - Monte Jacobson, Dick Sater, Steven Hubbard.
7:48 a.m. - Boyd Grant, Eric Davidson, Patrick Rice.
7:56 a.m. - Ebe Bosse, Greg Espenes, Larry Shingleton.
8:04 a.m. - Marv Davis, Robert Schoen, Mike Huegel.

Men's Third Flight
8:12 a.m. - Daniel Breeden, Kyle Koske.
8:20 a.m. - Tyler Ritter, Mark Millis, Chad Wynos.
8:28 a.m. - Curt McIlquham, Michael Oldenburg, Kyle Larkin.
8:36 a.m. - Joe Hunter, Bob Roers, Brent Staff.
8:44 a.m. - Joel LaPlount, Keith Seidel, Damian Bork.

Men's Second Flight
8:52 a.m. - Scott Strozinsky, Leon McNutt, Ethan Phelps.
9 a.m. - Jordan Rudolph, Jeff Osgood, Brock Morris.
9:08 a.m. - Gavin Olson, Brandon Amann, Robert Timm.
9:16 a.m. - Matt Euler, Paul Bruha, John Munson.
9:24 a.m. - Bill Feehan, Jr., Paul Franke, Rahn Pischke.

At Drugan's Castle Mound Country Club
In Holmen, WI

Men's First Flight
8 a.m. - Alex Jackson, Will Hundt, Mason Lee.
8:08 a.m. - Nick Dobbins, Tony Friedl, Bob Newberry.  
8:16 a.m. - Dalton Hoffland, Mitch Gault, Sam Przywojski.
8:24 a.m. - Nick Skibba, Bruce Lindseth, Joe Hightower.
8:32 a.m. - Jeff Pigorsch, Jim Socha, Jon Strangstalien.

Men's Championship Flight
8:40 a.m. - Jack Litsheim, Noah Neil Nelson.
8:48 a.m. - Carson Reider, Mark Miller, Jared Gendron.
8:56 a.m. - Kade Smith, Ethan Kramer, Joel Preeshl.
9:04 a.m. - Austin Roth, Ben Korger, Trevor Schultz.
9:12 a.m. - Ryan Quinn, Bruce Simones, Montana Stewart.
9:20 a.m. - Quinn Schultz, Sam Simones, Cody Dirks.
9:28 a.m. - Marcus Williamson, Brennan Dirks, Carter Gault.
9:36 a.m. - Tom McClintock, Sam Dobbins, John Percy.
9:44 a.m. - Sam Evenson, Nick Anderson, Aaron Bishop.
9:52 a.m. - Paul Williamson, Bjorn Berg, Tony Roberts.
10 a.m. - Carson Brock, Mason Milner, Eric Olson.
10:08 a.m. - Jon Wilson, Drew Schroeder, James DeBoer.
10:16 a.m. - Mike Drugan, Ross Wilhelm, Joe Weber.  
10:24 a.m. - Jordan Graf, Shaun Borre, Tyler Church.

Holmen's Drugan goes low to capture Kwik Trip Seniors County Am

It’s been 12 years since Mike Drugan walked into the winner’s circle, but the 62-year-old player proved he can still play golf at the highest level.
Drugan, co-owner of Drugan’s Castle Mound Country Club in Holmen, fired a 3-under par 68 to capture the annual Kwik Trip La Crosse County Seniors Amateur Golf Championship at Forest Hills Golf Course in La Crosse on Sunday
Drugan (pictured) won his first title in 2010 with a 1-under 69. He went under par again on Sunday marking the first time in three years that a winner broke par.
“Wow! It’s been 12 years? It feels good. I’m going to enjoy it today, but the first one is always the best,” the ever friendly Drugan said.
Drugan was steady from tee to green and took advantage of his son, pro Keegan, for a quick putting tip Saturday night.
“I’ve been swinging pretty good, but my putting has been erratic, Drugan said. “Keegan gave me a little pointer on putting about ball placement and where I had my hands. It felt a little uncomfortable today, but I had no 3-putts and happened to make a couple of putts.”
Drugan had one bogey and one birdie on the front nine for even-par 35. However, he strung together three straight birdies on the back side for a 3-under 33 and magnificent 68.
“I didn’t do anything flashy, just pretty much down the fairway,  hit the greens and made a couple of putts,” Drugan said.
Paul Williamson, five-time Seniors champion, finished runner-up with 71, while two-time champ Tom McClintock had 72.
Drugan, who also won the 2005 Men’s County Amateur championship, said he will try his best this weekend at the 32nd annual 36-hole Men’s County Amateur at The Golf Golf
Club at Cedar Creek in Onalaska and Castle Mound. However, he realizes how strong the 40-player Championship Flight field he is competing against.
“I’m going to try and do my best, but this is another strong field,” he said.
Meanwhile, left-hander Bob Roers won the Seniors First Flight title with 84, while Mike Huegel captured Second Flight with 86.
Robert Schoen topped the Super Seniors Flight for players 70 and older with a low net 76.


Sunday, July 31, results                        
At Forest Hills Golf Course (Par-71)
In La Crosse, WI                                            

Mike Drugan 35-33-68  
Paul Williamson 33-38-71  
Tom McClintock 36-36-72  
Aaron Bishop 36-40-76  
Jim Walkley, Jr. 36-40-76  
Rahn Pischke 38-38-76  
Bruce Simones 39-38-77
Tom Wilson 38-39-77
Bruce Lindseth 38-43-81
Jeff Pigorsch 39-42-81
Jim Socha 41-40-81
Bill Feehan, Jr. 41-41-82
Don Colburn 42-40-82
Jim Jenkins 40-42-82
Tony Friedl 41-42-83
Patrick Hogan 39-45-84
Brent Peterson 39-46-85
Joe Hightower 41-44-85
Pete Kohnert 42-43-85
Rick Stewart 44-42-86
Paul Bruha 44-49-93
Herb Becker 44-DNF    

Bob Roers 41-43-84  
Randy Olson 37-48-85  
Robert Burns 43-43-86
Leon McNutt 45-42-87
Steve Sjolander 42-45-87
Keith Seidel 46-42-88
Dan Leis 43-47-90
Jeremiah Shimshak 45-45-90
Bob Sciborski 47-45-92
Curt McIlquham 43-49-92
Randy Breidel 46-49-95
Daniel Breeden 51-51-102

Mike Huegel 39-47-86  
Jim Dolesy 38-51-89  
Marv Davis 44-45-89
Greg Espenes 48-44-92
Ebe Bosse 45-49-94
Dale A. Mueller, Jr. 48-50-98
Steven Fellenz 50-49-99
Monte Jacobson 50-55-105
Patrick Rice 47-65-112
Craig Reid 59-59-118
Steve Crogan 58-61-119

Robert Schoen 45-45-90--76  
Marty Gora 46-50-96--78  
Michael DeYoe 45-51-96--86
Bob Cagle - WD
Ronald Puestow 49-DNF    


Defending champ Weber among strong County Amateur field

The 32nd annual La Crosse County Men’s Amateur Golf Championship as presented by Pepsi-Cola of La Crosse is more like a “Who’s Who” in County Amateur history.
Past champions among the 41 players in the Championship Flight include Ryan Quinn of Bloomington, Ill., Mason Milner, from Burnsville, Minn., and Ross Willhelm, residing in Oklahoma City, Okla., along with Holmen’s Paul Williamson and Mike Drugan, and last year’s winner, Joe Weber (pictured).
This year’s two-day, 36-hole event, featuring a field of 101 golfers, is once again scheduled at The Golf Club at Cedar Creek in Onalaska and Drugan’s Castle Mound Country Club in Holmen, the host courses since the County Am was resurrected in 1991.  
“It’s going to be a golf reunion of sorts with players returning from around the United States,” said Bob Lamb, longtime tournament director. “And I can’t say enough about the total size of the field with 101 players. Wow.”
The left-handed Williamson is the all-time champion with seven titles under his belt. His nephew, the lefty Quinn, has won five, Weber three and Drugan (2005), Milner (2006) and Wilhelm (2009) one each.
“Geez, this is another strong Championship Flight,” said Drugan after winning his second Kwik Trip Seniors County Amateur last Sunday at Forest Hills Golf Course in La Crosse. ”I heard Quinn is coming back, Wilhelm and Milner, too. Of course, there’s Willie and the rest of the boys around here, too.”
Weber returned from a three-year hiatus to capture last year’s championship to go along with the titles he collected in 2016 and 2017. Weber, a West Salem dentist, defeated Drew Schroeder by two strokes with rounds of 69-73-142.
Weber’s victory was highlighted by his shot of the day on the par-5, 17th hole. Deep in a fairway bunker 65 yards from the green, Weber hit a highlight reel shot to the green.
How far from the hole?
“Like an inch,” he chuckled.
Weber walked to the 18th tee with a three-shot lead over Schroeder but still wasn’t convinced he had sealed another title. Nonetheless, he won by two shots.
“Anytime you win a tournament is wonderful. They all rate the same equally,” he said at the time.
It’s anyone’s guess who could win this weekend, considering the strength of the field.
“The name that sticks out to me is Ryan Quinn,” Drugan said. “It sounds like he’s getting his game back together again, so he’s going to be tough. Me? I’m just going to do the best I can.”
Quinn turned pro after his 2003 County Amateur victory. He played on several mini-tours while attempting to qualify for his PGA Tour card. He eventually left the pro ranks and regained his amateur status.
Quinn entered last year’s County Amateur, but when torrential rain washed out both days, resulting in the first postponement in history, Quinn withdrew because of a scheduling conflict.
Weber faces a busy weekend, playing 72 holes in three days, including a 36-hole tournament Friday prior to the two-day County Am. He says he’s not having his best year and is not as sharp as he would prefer at this point of the summer.
“I haven’t played much since the State Am. I would really like to sharpen up a few things, but I don’t see that happening before Friday,” he said Wednesday morning.
“It doesn’t matter what other people do if I shoot 80,” Weber added. “I typically don’t care about the leader board until the last few holes on Sunday. Before that, I’m just trying to make pars and sprinkle in a few birdies. If that’s not good enough, then so be it.”  
The straightforward Weber also has a simple strategy for Saturday’s opening round at Cedar Creek.
“Just try not to have any penalties and make a lot of pars,” he said. “The tournament can't be won Saturday, but it can be lost.”
Returning the Championship Flight traveling trophy to his home and adding his fourth title is Weber’s prime goal. Can he accomplish that feat considering the strength of this year’s field?
“It would mean a lot,” he said. “Winning any tournament is hard and you never know when it will happen again, so I try to cherish each one. My kids are getting older and having them and my wife around when I get done is always special, whether I win or lose.”
In other men’s action last year, Trevor Schultz posted a 6-stroke victory in First Flight with 150. Rahn Pischke captured Second Fight honors with 160, while Eric Davidson, playing in his first County Am, won Third Flight with 171. Brandon Uffelman won Fourth Flight with 172.
Both Cedar Creek and Castle Mound will be used both days. On Saturday, Championship Flight and First Flight competitors play at Cedar Creek, with Second, Third and Fourth Flights at Castle Mound.
Championship Flight and First Flight finishes at Castle Mound on Sunday, while Second, Third and Fourth Flights wrap up at Cedar Creek.
The awards ceremony is scheduled in the Grand Norway Room at Castle Mound immediately after all rounds are completed. To accommodate players who finish at Cedar Creek and wish to attend the ceremony, tee times begin one-half hour later at Castle Mound than Cedar Creek on Sunday.
Spectators are welcome to attend the tournament and awards ceremony. There is no admission fee.


At Drugan’s Castle Mound Country Club in Holmen, WI, and The Golf Club at Cedar Creek in Onalaska, WI.
Saturday, Aug. 6, pairings

At Drugan’s Castle Mound Country Club
8 a.m. - Mike Fortin, Steve Crogan, Patrick Rice.
8:08 a.m. - Larry Shingleton, Marv Davis, Robert Schoen.
8:16 a.m. - Dick Sater, Mike Huegel, Monte Jacobson.
8:24 a.m. - Boyd Grant, Ebe Bosse, Rod Kleinertz.
8:32 a.m. - Steven Hubbard, Eric Davidson, Greg Espenes.
8:40 a.m. - Jim Dolesy, Kyle Koske, Keith Seidel. 
8:48 a.m. - Curt McIlquham, Tyler Ritter, Joe Hunter.
8:56 a.m. - Daniel Breeden, Mark Millis, Chad Wynos.
9:04 a.m. - Michael Oldenburg, Brent Staff, Kyle Larkin.
9:12 a.m. - Bob Roers, Joel LaPlount, Damian Bork.
9:20 a.m. - Jeff Osgood, Jordan Rudolph, Scott Strozinsky.
9:28 a.m. - Leon McNutt, Brock Morris, John Munson.
9:36 a.m. - Gavin Olson, Paul Franke, Matt Euler.
9:44 a.m. - Brandon Amann, Bill Feehan, Jr., Robert Timm.
9:52 a.m. - Paul Bruha, Ethan Phelps, Rahn Pischke.

At The Golf Club at Cedar Creek    
7:32 a.m. - Jim Socha, Will Hundt, Sam Przywojski.
7:40 a.m. - Bob Newberry, Jeff Pigorsch, Mason Lee.
7:48 a.m. - Nick Dobbins, Tony Friedl, Nick Skibba.
7:56 a.m. - Joe Hightower, Bruce Lindseth, Dalton Hoffland.
8:04 a.m. - Mitch Gault, Alex Jackson, Jon Strangstalien.
8:12 a.m. - Noah Neil Nelson, Jared Gendron.
8:20 a.m. - Trevor Schultz. Jack Litsheim, Carson Reider.
8:28 a.m. - Kade Smith, Ben Korger, Sam Simones.
8:36 a.m. - Bjorn Berg, Bruce Simones, Marcus Williamson.
8:44 a.m. - Mason Milner, Brennan Dirks, Carter Gault.
8:52 a.m. - Jon Wilson, Montana Stewart, Cody Dirks.
9 a.m. - Jordan Graf, Mike Drugan, Sam Dobbins.
9:08 a.m. - Ethan Kramer, Tony Roberts, Mark Miller.
9:16 a.m. - Drew Schroeder, James DeBoer, Joel Preeshl.
9:24 a.m. - Eric Olson, Sam Evenson, Ryan Quinn.
9:32 a.m. - Aaron Bishop, Austin Roth, Nick Anderson.
9:40 a.m. - John Percy, Quinn Schultz, Ross Wilhelm.
9:48 a.m. - Paul Williamson, Shaun Borre, Carson Brock.
9:52 a.m. - Tom McClintock, Tyler Church, Joe Weber.

Larsen wins Women’s County Amateur debut

ONALASKA, WI - Former Tomah High School star Molly Larsen dethroned Annie Balduzzi in the 2022 La Crosse County Women’s Amateur Golf Championship as presented by Pepsi-Cola of La Crosse at The Golf Club at Cedar Creek on Saturday.
Balduzzi was attempting to win her fourth straight Women’s County Am title, but struggled much of the day. Meanwhile, Larsen (pictured), a senior on the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse women’s golf team, carded identical 41s for an 82 and a one-stroke victory over Annie’s younger sister, Allison, and Julie Schroeder.
Meanwhile, veteran Cathi Baus captured the Women’s Flighted low net crown with 72.
“It’s a beautiful course with beautiful conditions,” said the bubbly 22-year-old Larsen.
Larsen attributed her victory to being able to grind it out and taking advantage of her irons.
“I didn’t get off the tee real well and the greens were really rolling hard, but being able to take advantage of my wedges and irons really helped me,” she said.
Larsen, playing in the final threesome with Annie Balduzzi and Julie Schroeder, added that her playing partners contributed to her first County Am victory in her maiden appearance.
“It was a pleasure playing with Annie again. We haven’t played together since high school. And playing with Julie for the first time was a pleasure to ride along with her in our cart,” Larsen said. “Everybody kept it real light and fun. That was part of my success right there because I didn’t get too down on myself when I hit a bad shot.”
Schroeder, the former Julie Skogen from Onalaska who once worked at Cedar Creek, said she hasn’t played the course or the Women’s County Am since 2006. She and her husband currently reside in Oregon, WI.
“I’m just happy to be back,” she said. “It’s a great tournament. I just wish more women would enter.”
Meanwhile, Annie Balduzzi suffered one of her worst days at Cedar. She took a triple bogey 8 on the par-5 second hole, then found disaster on the par-4 fifth hole.
“After my drive, I pulled a 5-iron into the fescue and tall grass on the left hillside. I thought I had a pretty good lie, but the woods won,” she said, smiling.
Rather than taking an unplayable lie, Baduzzi tried to blast out, but chopped the ball into heavier grass a few yards away. She tried again… and again before finally taking an unplayable lie, eventually winding up with a drastic 10.
To her credit, Balduzzi put the hole behind her quickly by birdieing No. 6, and finishing the front nine with three straight pars. Unfortunately, the deficit was too much to make up with nine holes remaining. Need not fret. Balduzzi, plans to return next year after graduating from the University of Sioux Falls in May.
“Hopefully, we’ll have a good fall season,” she said of her senior year at Sioux Falls. “Our No. 2 player transferred and our No.1 won’t be able to play until spring because of an injury, but I’m excited for the fall. I’m just so happy to play some good competition before going back to school this fall.”
Baus, a longtime La Crosse area tournament player, was also pleased with her victory despite playing with new clubs.
“I hit super drives, but I couldn’t putt,” she said. “I have new irons and I’m not used to them yet. It’s my first new set in 42 years. I have been using Ping Eye Orange all these years and now I’m hitting Mid Line Cleveland. They’re a lot lighter than my old clubs and easier to swing.”
Baus was quick to add what other players in the slim 11-player said about Cedar Creek playing conditions.
“The course was in great condition. I just played one stroke better than the others,” she said laughing.   


At The Golf Club at Cedar Creek
In Onalaska, WI
Saturday, July 30, results

Women’s Championship Flight
Molly Larsen 41-41-82
Allison Balduzzi 44-39-83
Julie Schroeder 41-42-83
Barb Hegenbarth 44-43-87
Annie Balduzzi 47-43-90

Women’s Flighted (low Net)
Cathi Baus 48-46-94--72
Terry Ziegelbauer 47-47-94--75
Krista Drewiske 43-47-90--76
Stacy McIlquham 46-49-95--77
Diane Pintz 54-47-101--78
Terry Thomas 56-47-103--84