Today is special in many ways

Today is a special day for several personal memories.
This Mother’s Day reminds me that my mom died 24 years ago, one year and two days after my dad passed. God rest their souls.
This year is also a special reminder that my bride, Kathy, and I are celebrating our 50th year of marriage.
And today, May 8, 2022, marks the seventh anniversary of my survival with pancreatic cancer. It was May 8, 2015, when I received what I thought was my “death sentence.” At 68, I doubted I would make it to 69.
That was then and this is now. Thanks to God and my fabulous Rochester and La Crosse medical teams, I am blessed to spend more time with my wife, sons and their wives, grandkids and friends, and to continue enjoying my lifelong “outdoors pursuits.”
I say more than a few prayers every day, thanking the Good Lord for not only giving me these extra years, but for allowing  me the chance to witness his glory.
Yes, this day is very special!