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A letter from Cloquet Middle School in Cloquet, Minn., arrived in our mailbox on Tuesday.
The envelope was addressed to Bob and Kathy Lamb. Jackson Lamb (pictured) was printed above the school letterhead.
Cloquet is where our oldest son Jon, his wife Sara and two sons Jackson and Bryson live. Jackson, 14, is in eighth grade. Bryson, 12 is in sixth grade. They both attend Cloquet Middle School. Both boys are good students and participate in extracurricular activities.
The envelope held a one-page sheet of paper containing a story on one side and sources on the flip side. Ah-ha! A research paper by Jackson for me and Uncle Ev about hunting, especially as we gear up for Wisconsin’s traditional gun deer season on Saturday, Nov. 20.
On top of the story was a request from Jackson. “Dear Mr. Bob and Kathy Lamb and show Evan Lamb if you can.”
Enough said. Here is Jackson Lamb’s first story for all hunters as well as non-hunters to enjoy.

Copper is better than lead
Have you heard about lead? Some of you might not have but it’s a very deadly piece of heavy metal. If you have too much lead it can kill you and your loved ones. Lead is a very dangerous metal. It can kill a bald eagle with 2 shotgun pellets the size of those (Kallok). Lead is very bad for eagles. They can barely walk and can barely breathe. They get lead from the animals people shoot from deer season (UMN Health). They can stop breathing and stop moving and die. Lead is a type of ammunition where the bullet is mainly lead and on impact it explodes and lead can go anywhere and get into the meat of what you shot. And you could get poisoned and that’s what happens to eagles. They eat what you kill and get lead poisoning if you’re using lead bullets.

Why is copper the better choice?
Copper is a better choice because you don’t hurt animals around you and yourself. It mushrooms on impact, mushrooms the top peels off like a flower on each side (oneshotharvest). The only thing you might lose is a pedal because it might come loose but you can probably find it when you gut whatever you killed. Copper doesn’t melt or deform when shot out of a gun like lead and deform on impact like lead bullets.
They tested it. The lead bullet destroyed one side of the bin and lead was all over on the inside of the bin which I wouldn’t like that in my venison or whatever I shot. The copper bullet went through all three containers and it mushroom lost 2 of its pedals then got stuck in the last container not losing anything but the pedals (Nistler). If I had the option I would go for copper.
Sincerely Jackson Lamb thanks for reading this!

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“Very nice work, Jackson! You receive an ‘A’ from Grandma and Grandpa.”