Which Packers team will show up against Colts on Sunday?

One week ago I said the Green Bay Packers would struggle to reach last year’s 13-3 regular-season record. In fact, I said an 11-5 record would be more realistic.
After Sunday’s lethargic 24-20 victory over the hapless Jacksonville Jaguars, I feel even more confident in my prediction. It all goes back to lack of effort, playing down to the competition and a woeful run defense.
First, no one on this side of heaven or hell can tell me the Packers were “fired up,” on Sunday. It was simply another lackadaisical effort.
Second, Green Bay always plays down to its competition. The Jags waddled into Lambeau Field with a shoddy 1-7 record. Green Bay (6-2) was an overwhelming favorite on all betting lines. However, it took a defensive stand by the Packers in the last few minutes to pull out the victory.
Third, Green Bay’s run defense proved once again it sucks for lack of better adjectives. If I would have been running the Jags’ offense, I would have run the ball down Green Bay’s throat the last two drives. I truly doubt the Packers could have stopped them. Simply put, Green Bay is based upon a pretty strong pass defense, but a very porous run defense.
Now it’s off to Indianapolis to face the Colts (6-3) on Sunday.
The biggest question is which Green Bay team will show up and will it be able to slow down the Colts’ running attack.
As a parting thought, it’s the Packers' fifth regular-season game at Indianapolis. Green Bay is looking for its first victory.