Out and About with Bob


On a scale of zero to 10 with 10 the best, ice fishing success is about a 3 at best, according to most anglers.
“They’re there, but all you can catch are small ones,’’ said one panfish angler earlier this week while stowing gear into the back of his pickup.
”Lots and lots of small ones,” said another couple as they walked off the ice, shaking their heads in disgust.
“No fish supper tonight,” said an elderly gent, quitting for the day.
Anglers are spreading out across the Coulee Region, hoping to catch enough panfish for a meal.
One seasoned hard-water fisherman said he and his son were out a day earlier and caught a dozen or so perch. His son and brother went to the same spot the next morning and his son fell through the ice. Yes, ice conditions are ever-changing in many areas along the Black and Mississippi rivers.
An arctic clipper moved through the Greater La Crosse Area on Tuesday resulting in a few inches of the white stuff.
Deer and turkeys are moving about more in search of food.
Birder feeder activity has also increased with the fresh layer of snow.
Meanwhile, across the Mississippi River, Minnesota DNR conservation officer Tom Hemker, in Winona, reports continued high ice fishing pressure. There was some bad ice and some anglers reported getting wet.
Minnesota DNR conservation officer Mitch Boyum, Rushford, spent time checking small-game hunters.
Remember, take a kid hunting or fishing. It will be the best thing you ever did.
Until we meet, have a great day outdoors.