Out and About with Bob


Junior and I had a great breakfast Tuesday morning.
Sitting on two old table chairs off the south deck of Ol' Tom's boathouse and munching on a couple of breakfast sandwiches Junior bought on his way, we had the perfect start for a couple of hours fishing together.
Junior and I rehashed past times with our dads again and again as we ate beneath sunny skies, 58 degrees and a cool breeze.
Junior and I also caught lots of fish - mostly small - but managed enough for me to fillet for a meal.
One small sunfish also gave me a good fight thanks to the  northern pike that grabbed it while I was reeling it in. I was finally able to wrestle the dying sunnie from the northern's jaws when I lifted it out of the water. However, the northern eventually got the tiny fish as soon as I tossed it back into the river.
"You missed it. The northern came right back and got it," Junior chuckled.
Junior and I plan to go fishing again Thursday morning. Who knows what we'll catch?
Meanwhile, roadkill, especially young raccoon, are prevalent on local roadways. I'm sure they are being killed during the dark of night when startled by vehicle headlights.
Deer remain active in our neck of the woods. A large doe and her fawn trotted past our study window at 5:30 a.m. Sunday.
Across the Mississippi River, Minnesota DNR conservation officer Tyler Ramaker, in La Crescent, completed an investigation where two anglers said they were going to their house to retrieve fishing licenses, but then ran away on foot. Both suspects were eventually identified and charged.
Several rattlesnake complaints were responded to.Mitch Boyum, a DNR conservation officer in Rushford, reports speaking with deer hunters busy preparing for the fall. Food plots, trimming tree stands and hanging and setting stands have been keeping them busy.
Time was also spent checking anglers, ATV trails and boating activity.DNR conservation officer Tom Hemker, stationed in Winona, reports the river is as busy as it gets. Many people were out fishing and recreational boating along with various other activities, including scouting for waterfowl. Hemker also took care of an incident involving a female topless dancer on an island.
Hemker also spent time checking ATVs and OHMs on local trails. One unregistered motorcycle operator attempted to leave the area after he saw Hemker, but the rider was found.Until we meet, have a great day outdoors.