Out and About with Bob


I swear Junior and I have “buzzard’s luck” - can’t kill nothin’ and nothin’ will die.
Seriously, now that Junior’s boathouse repairs are complete, high water is preventing us from reaching the dock. Once the river stage drops to about 9 feet or so, we’ll be able to reach the dock, test the new launch system Junior had installed and enjoy our first morning fishing trip of the year. Thank heavens!
We missed the perch spawn. Now with the sunfish and bluegill spawn nearing, we’re itchin’ to get out on the river. Only time will tell.
Crappies are providing some good action, albeit sporadic, but not as much as northern pike and bass. The trick is finding them, especially with the high water. Additional rain doesn’t help either.
Elsewhere, shoreline weeds are growing taller and thicker along my favorite trout stream. While it gives me extra camouflage from keeping spooking wary trout, it’s more difficult to plod through.
More white-tailed does are birthing, hen turkeys are laying on their eggs and deer are beginning to wear their red summer coats.
Meanwhile, across the Mississippi River, Minnesota DNR conservation officer Tyler Ramaker, in La Crescent, attended the Southeast Minnesota Law Enforcement Memorial Service, which honored officers killed in the line of duty, including five game wardens. An investigation was conducted in cooperation with a Wisconsin conservation warden that resulted in an over-limit of trout. Extra-line and possession of dangerous drugs violations were also encountered.
DNR conservation officer Mitch Boyum, in Rushford, reports working ATV trails and dealing with fawn deer-related calls. People are reminded to please leave fawns alone. The mother is usually close by, but out of sight. Other baby animals will start showing up soon and leaving them alone as well is best.
DNR conservation officer Tom Hemker, in Winona, reports many nuisance-wild-animal calls, including lots of fawns reported. Most people are leaving them alone, but there have been a few problems. He spent time working metro lakes checking anglers and boaters. The high river in the area has kept boat fishing down, but bank fishing has been good.
Remember to take a kid hunting or fishing. It’ll be the best thing you ever did.
Until we meet, have a great day outdoors!