Karen Perry from Wild Birds Unlimited

Hey folks, here's a great project for the entire family. Go big or small - whatever the time allows.
Remember this holiday season. Keep things fun. ou will be so much happier and less stressed!

Decorate a Tree for Your Birds
While you are enjoying the many tasty treats that abound this holiday season, don't forget to share some goodies with the birds. Decorating a tree for our feathered friends and other wildlife is an activity the whole family can enjoy. Here are some fun and easy recipes for making treats for the birds.
Suet Stuffing

What you need
* 1 cup chunky peanut butter
* 1 cup WBU Simply Suet ® (pure rendered suet)
* 2½ cups coarse yellow cornmeal
* WBU Seed Blend, raisins, peanuts or other tree nuts (optional)
What you do
Mix peanut butter, suet and cornmeal together.
Stir in birdseed, raisins or peanuts if desired.
Suet “Muffins”

What you do
Secure a piece of heavy craft paper to the bottom of a pipe cleaner.
Place in muffin tin cup. Spoon in suet stuffing.
Repeat for each muffin cup.
Place the muffins in the freezer to harden.
Once hardened, remove from the tin and hang the suet muffins on a tree, or if temperature is above freezing, place in feeding stations.
Pine Cone Feeder

What you do
Pack Jim’s Birdacious® Bark Butter® into pine cones.
Roll pine cones in WBU Seed Blend.
Hang with string or ribbon from a tree.
Bagel Feeder

What you do
Split bagels in half and harden overnight.
Spread peanut butter on each side and then sprinkle with WBU Seed Blend.
Tie a string through the hole, and hang from a tree.
Grapefruit Feeder

What you do
Poke three holes in the edges of a hollowed-out grapefruit half.
Run twine through the holes.
Spoon suet stuffing into grapefruit; sprinkle WBU Seed Blend on top, and place in the freezer to harden.
Once hardened, knot the strings at the top and the bottom to secure.
Hang outside near a window.
Decorating a tree for the birds is a fun and easy activity.
Be sure to select a tree somewhere near a window so that once you have completed your decorating, you and your family can sit back and watch as the many beautiful birds and creatures come to enjoy their holiday treats.
Additional Treat Ideas
Decorations that can be strung and placed on the tree include popcorn, fresh cranberries, thick fresh orange slices, peanuts in the shell, dried apples or dried figs on heavy string.
You can also hang rice cakes with string, fresh crab apples by the stem, baby dried corn bundles, dried ears of colorful corn husks, or red seedless grapes tied up in bunches.
In addition, peanuts in the shell and whole walnuts can be scattered under the tree.
Natural rough brown string, ribbon and raffia can be used for hanging the decorations. Also, consider decorating with lengths of natural wool or string. The birds will use this material for nesting in the spring.
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Happy Holidays and Happy Birding!
Karen Perry,
Wild Birds Unlimited, Onalaska, 608-781-5088, or  www.wbu.com/onalaska