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Welcome to the world eagle chick!

On Sunday, the Minnesota NonGame EagleCam caught just a glimpse of the broken egg and the chick arrived! Both parents sat…

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Trapper Mike Roskos notches fifth nuisance beaver at Ol' Tom's boathouse

  • bluebirdspringJD450x265_op.jpg
  • buckantlersinmarchJD450x265_op.jpg
  • eaalytroutJD450x265_op.jpg
  • eaglepairIowacountyJD450x265_op.jpg
  • foxsquirrelinwhitepineJD450x265_op.jpg
  • goldeneaglewinterJD450x265_op.jpg
  • mooseoincanada450x265_op.jpg
  • pumpkindecayingJD450x265_op.jpg
  • red-tailedhawkJD450x265_op.jpg
  • redbelliedwoodpeckermaleJD450x265_op.jpg
  • redtailhawkcamoJD450x265_op.jpg
  • sandhillcranedancingJD450x265_op.jpg
  • springrobinJD450x265_op.jpg
  • squirrelacrobatJD450x265_op.jpg
  • turkeygobblerfightJD450x265_op.jpg
  • watercresspickingJD450x265_op.jpg
  • wildchivesJD450x265_op.jpg
  • willowcatkinsJD450x265_op.jpg

Area Report

  • Bob Lamb

    Out and About with Bob

    Nuisance beaver trapping has resumed down at Ol’ Tom’s boathouse.La Crosse’s Mike Roskos, his dad Rollie and I met at the boathouse at noon Wednesday. Mike intended to set one Conibear trap in the water near a beaver den just across from the…
  • Jerry Davis
    Mar 22, 2023

    From Southern Wisconsin

    Farmers have a saying, “don’t curse the rain.” Rain is too important to wish it away even when it comes during an imperfect time. The same goes for…

Trapper Mike Roskos talks about trying to live trap nuisance beavers 

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  • This one's for you girls!

    No, I’m not blogging about #me, too. Although, I’d venture to guess most of us have a story or two to tell!I’d rather write…
  • Name that poop!

    A few days ago, our oldest son, Jon, sent us an email with the subject, “Name That Poop.”…
  • I’ve had it with COVID!!!

    Despite the epidemic, life was moving along just fine without too many hitches, when the…

County Am

Church wins Men’s County Amateur in record fashion

HOLMEN, WI - Tyler Church has been close oh, so many times to winning a La Crosse County…

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Spring Perch Fillets in the Oven

What you need2 pounds fresh perchLemon pepperBread crumbs1 tsp seasoned saltWhat to doPreheat oven to 350 degrees.Line…