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DNR posts incidental take notice for Columbia County

MADISON, Wis. – The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources proposes to issue an authorization for the incidental taking…

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Forest Hills Golf Course general manager Keith Stoll has his own getaway

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Area Report

  • Bob Lamb

    Out and About with Bob

    Brrrr…….. it’s been cold, brutally cold.I failed to find one angler out ice fishing on Monday or Tuesday. Wednesday’s warmer temperatures brought out a couple fishermen. Friday is forecast in the single digits, while temperatures are expected to…
  • Around the Badger State
    Feb 01, 2023

    Around the Badger State

    Maybe you have or haven't noticed, but the ice fishing season in Wisconsin is shorter than it used to be – about 24 days shorter than it was in the…
  • Jerry Davis
    Feb 01, 2023

    From Southern Wisconsin

    The optimist trout angler looks at the temperature and post office flag, then turns to his fly-tying bench, checks and cleans some lines and a few…
  • Chad Knapmiller
    Feb 01, 2023

    Chad Knapmiller from Schafer's River Rentals

    Heading into the derby weekends, things are looking good. We have a cold stretch that should firm up the ice enough that guys start driving trucks.…

Trappers give nuisance beavers a break during winter months

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County Am

Church wins Men’s County Amateur in record fashion

HOLMEN, WI - Tyler Church has been close oh, so many times to winning a La Crosse County…

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Venisonburger soup

What you need1 pound ground venison or venison sausage3-4 cups water1 quart tomatoes1 medium to large onion2 celery stalks2…