Minnesota eagle chick takes maiden voyage

What if I fall?
"Oh but my darling, what if you fly?" - the iconic words of Australian poet Erin Hanson, come to mind this week as we watch the Minnesota eagle nest with trepidation.
E1, the older and likely female eagle chick took her maiden flight out of the nest this week as seen on the Minnesota DNR Eaglecam. It was an admirable sail from the nest, through the trees behind the nest.  
E2 was clearly surprised by the exit and ran to the other side of the nest to see where it's sibling went. Once she landed, a photographer on the ground, Thomas Demma, captured this beautiful image of the landing spot.  
Later in the day, E1 came back to the nest to hang around for a while, likely looking for food. As we've mentioned before, during this time, the parents continue to provide food for the chicks, both on and off of the nest. They will teach them how to find food on their own, on the ground and in the water.
The chicks have lots to learn yet, like how to catch thermals in the wind and soar to amazing heights. They will continue to visit the nest from time to time and may even spend their nights there.  The nest will remain their "safe spot," at least for a while, until they venture out completely on their own.
Final Newsletter for the season
The camera will remain on until the third week in August, so you may still have the opportunity to see the eagles in the nest from time to time, even after they leave the nest, but this will be our last update for the season.
This has been an exciting and challenging year for us and for the new parents on the nest. We hope you have enjoyed watching Minnesota bald eagles raise a family right in your living rooms, classrooms or wherever you viewed from.   
We also hope that you will get outdoors with your families and continue to find joy in nature. We are very fortunate in Minnesota to have some of the most abundant wildlife, lakes, forests and state parks in the country. Everyone is welcome in nature. Take advantage of nature and all of its fun, beauty and peaceful tranquility.  
Special thank you to everyone who has donated to the Nongame Wildlife Fund! We rely on your contributions. They make it possible for our hard-working team to bring this 24/7 spectacle into homes and classrooms around the world. We couldn't do it without your support. Thank you!

SOURCE: Minnesota DNR