La Crosse's Monsoor gets 1-day reprieve

LEESBURG, Fla. - Day two of the FLW Tour Tackle Warehouse Pro Circuit event presented by Bad Boy Mowers on the Harris Chain was postponed due to high winds on Friday
With a lake wind advisory in effect from 10 a.m., ET until later Friday night, many pros believed staying off the water was the right call.
“Due to the weather advisory conditions, we made the decision to postpone day two and fish the full field on Saturday,” said FLW Senior Director of Tournament Operations Daniel Fennel.
With day two postponed, the full field will fish on Saturday and the top 30 pros will fish on Sunday, which will be the final day of competition.
La Crosse's Tom Monsoor (pictured) rests in 75th place after Thursday's first day of competition.
Rusty Salewske of Alpine, Calif., leads the tournament with a hefty five-fish limit weighing 26 pounds, 10 ounces.Monsoor, 71, and a semi-retired commercial fisherman, reeled in five fish totaling 11-8 on Thursday.
Speaking from his hotel room early Friday evening, Monsoor said it was the first time in his 17-years FLW career that an event was postponed.
"But we're on for tomorrow," he said. "I think we could still have fished, but it would have been miserable. I guess there have been a few deaths on the lake, not in FLW events, but otherwise."
Monsoor, an old Mississippi River rat, said he could have fished by hiding near off-wind shorelines, but admitted that it would have been almost impossible trying to fish in the middle of the Lake Harris chain.
High temperatures on Friday were in the 30-degree range, a stark contrast from the 70s and 80s earlier in the week.
"I was in shorts on Thursday and I was hot," he said. "But I'll have everything on Saturday. You can bet I'll be buckled in with everything even though it's supposed to get into the 50s."
Friday's cold front and windy conditions will definitely slow fishing action on Saturday, according to Monsoor, but he figures he has a plan.
"I'll be ready. I'm going to get out of the wind and go to Lake Dora, where it is protected from the wind," he said. "We all have to slow down everything with the cold temperatures."
Monsoor plans to run one of his patented jigs real slow. His first color preference is a purple and green June bug.

Wisconsin anglers spear 50 sturgeon on Friday

There were 50 lake sturgeon harvested from the Winnebago System on Friday.
Of that total, 36 fish were harvested from Lake Winnebago and 14 from the Upriver Lakes.
The registration stations on the east shore of Lake Winnebago continue to see the highest registration volume as 30 of the 36 fish were registered at either Jim and Linda's or Stockbridge Harbor. The 14 fish harvested from the Upriver Lakes is quite the uptick after Thursday's harvest of just one fish.  
The largest fish registered on Friday was 109.0 pounds, 75.5 inches and registered at Payne's Point by Eric Nygaard (pictured). Eric's fish was the only sturgeon registered that was more than 100 pounds. The largest fish registered on the Upriver Lakes was 84.6 pounds, 69.6 inches and registered at Critter's by Michael Paull.
We will have 5 registration stations (Waverly Beach, Stockbridge Harbor, Jim and Linda's, Wendt's, and Payne's Point) open on Lake Winnebago and 2 stations (Indian Point and Critter's) open on the Upriver Lakes for the final weekend of the 2020 sturgeon spearing season.  
The registration stations at Quinney, Jerry's Bar, and Boom Bay will continue to be closed for the rest of the season.
Good luck to all of the spearers that will be out for the final two days of the 2020 season!

SOURCE: Wisconsin DNR

Wisconsin spearers take 23 more sturgeon on Wednesday

Today was the 12th day of the 2020 Wisconsin lake sturgeon spear fishery on the Winnebago System, meaning that the season is now 3/4 of the way over.
There were 29 fish harvested on Wednesday with 23 coming from Lake Winnebago and 6 from the Upriver Lakes.  
The registration station at Jim and Linda's once again paced the way with 8 fish registered, followed by Stockbridge Harbor with 6, Payne's Point with 5, and Wendt's with 4.
Of the 6 fish registered on the Upriver Lakes, 5 were registered at Critter's.
The largest fish of the day was 77.6 pounds, 65.5 inches and registered at Payne's Point by Tyler Auclair (pictured).
Dennis Korn registered his 76.6-pound, 66.0-inch lake sturgeon at Critter's. Korn's fish was the largest sturgeon taken from the Upriver Lakes.

SOURCE: Wisconsin DNR

Fish house owners: Don’t leave litter when you go

Litter is an issue throughout the Minnesota ice fishing season, but it tends to be particularly problematic as deadlines for removing fish houses from lakes loom.
Shelters must be removed from inland waters in the southern two-thirds of the state by midnight on March 2, and from inland waters in the northern one-third by midnight on March 16. Different dates apply to border waters.
Trash left on the ice is not only an eyesore, but it also has the potential to negatively affect water quality, especially if the litter remains when the ice melts.
“People need to clean up after themselves when they head home. The only thing they should leave is an imprint in the snow or ice,” said Rodmen Smith, director of the Department of Natural Resources Enforcement Division. “The majority of people do things right, but unfortunately there’s a subset of people who leave a mess on the ice and count on someone else to clean up after them.”
Conservation officers spend the winter monitoring anglers and documenting areas where they believe litter might be a problem. While these officers can’t watch every single fish house as it leaves the lake, every year people who leave their trash on the ice – and hope nobody notices – receive litter citations. Sometimes, it’s simply a matter of officers checking spots they suspect will be a problem. It’s also common for officers to hear from anglers upset about the trash left behind by the people they’ve fished near during the winter.
“Leaving trash on the ice isn’t a mistake or an oversight – the people who litter make a conscious decision to do it,” Smith said. “They take advantage of the fact that the majority of people care about our lakes and will clean up trash, even if it isn’t theirs.”

SOURCE: Minnesota DNR

La Crosse's Monsoor eyes second FLW Tour stop

LEESBURG, Fla. - La Crosse's Tom Monsoor hopes the Florida sun smiles on him for the next few days.
Monsoor, in his 17th year on the FLW Tour, had a horrendous start to the season one month ago, finishin 148th in the tour opener in Texas. This week's four-day event begins Thursday and Monsoor is crossing his fingers he will still be around on Saturday, or better yet, Sunday. Only the top 30 from the 150-angler professional field advance to Saturday's semifinals with the top 10 qualifying for Sunday's final.
Monsoor has been scouting and pre-fishing the Harris Chain, a collection of lakes in central Florida that includes Lake Harris, Lake Apopka, Lake Griffin, Lake Eustis, Lake Dora, Lake Carlton, Horseshoe Lake, Little Lake Harris, Lake Denham and Lake Beauclair. In all, the pros have the run of 10 lakes, plus the myriad residential canals, rivers and backwaters that spread out off them. However, Monsoor said Lake Harris, Lake Griffin, Lake Eustis and Lake Dora have been sprayed to get rid of weeds for easier recreational boating. The other lakes require extra travel time, eliminating valuable fishing time.
"They totally sprayed Lake Harris. They got it good," he said, from his hotel room late Wednesday morning. "Any hydrilla and coon-tail left are now along the shores, but none are out in the middle of the lake.
"Everybody was going down the banks on Griffin and Harris for practice," Monsoor said. "Nobody's finding any weeds out farther."
Monsoor said he fished anywhere from 10 feet deep to the shoreline with chatterbaits, swim jigs and plastic worms during practice. Tuesday morning, the final practice day, he caught a 6-pound largemouth right away, but didn't have another bite for four hours. He also found one deep spot where bass were in a feeding frenzy on spawning shad. There were two or three other boats in the same general area.
Due to temperatures in the 70s and 80's, Monsoor said Florida bass are in all three phases - pre-spawn, spawn and post-spawn.
Because of mild weather and good water conditions, he believes it will take at least 30 pounds to make the cut after the first two days. Although Monsoor is nearing the $1 million mark in career earnings, he also realizes he must have a big year to reach it. He has won $931,527 in his first 16 years, an average of just over $58,000 a year.Monsoor competed in the 2018 FLW Tour event on the Harris Chain and finished in 155th place.

La Crosse pro bass angler 75th after Day 1 in Florida

LEESBURG, Fla. - La Crosse's Tom Monsoor (pictured) rests in 75th place after Thursday's first day of the FLW Tour Tackle Warehouse Pro Circuit event on the Harris Chain in Leesburg, Fla.
Rusty Salewske of Alpine, Calif., leads the tournament with a hefty five-fish limit weighing 26 pounds, 10 ounces.
Monsoor, 71, and a semi-retired commercial fisherman, reeled in five fish totaling 11-8.
"I'm missing the boat. I'm not figuring out what the fish are doing," lamented Monsoor, from his hotel room early Thursday night. "I'm trying everything, but I'm not in the right spots."
Monsoor said the Florida weather was mild and in the 70's, but the Florida sun didn't shine on the old Wisconsin boy.
Confused as to how he will approach day 2, Monsoor simply said, "I'm just going fishing and I may go to a different lake."
Monsoor, like many of the 150 pros, fished Lake Harris on Thursday. Look for the La Crosse fishing legend to head to Lake Griffin on Friday despite the long run and less fishing time.

17 sturgeon harvested on day 11

There were 17 lake sturgeon harvested from the Winnebago System on Monday's 11th day 11 of the 2020 spear fishery with 13 fish coming from Lake Winnebago and 4 from the Upriver Lakes.
The first 11 days of the season have included a total harvest of 296 fish from Lake Winnebago and 270 fish from the Upriver Lakes.
The largest fish on Monday was the lone adult female that was harvested from the Upriver Lakes. That fish was 105.6 pounds, 69.0 inches and registered at Critter's by Kevin Shady (pictured).
The largest fish registered on Lake Winnebago was also 69.0 inches. Mark Livingstone registered his 69-inch sturgeon (91.4 pounds) at Payne's Point.
Good luck to all of the spearers who are still on the hunt for a lake sturgeon this season!

SOURCE: Wisconsin DNR