Removing lake plants could require a permit

Lakeshore property owners are reminded that a permit may be required to remove aquatic plants, according to the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources.
“We need plants to have healthy lakes and strong fish populations, it’s as simple as that,” said Jon Hansen, DNR aquatic plant management consultant. “So each year we remind folks to let them grow, but if they are set on removing plants, please check regulations to see if they need a permit.”
Aquatic plants provide food and shelter for fish, ducks and other wildlife. They stabilize the lake bottom, which helps maintain water clarity. These plants also protect shorelines from erosion by absorbing energy from waves and ice.
Additionally, the DNR is getting questions about devices that generate water current to blast muck and plants away.
“We refer to these devices as hydraulic jets and even though you can buy one, they cannot be used in any way that disturbs the bottom of the lake or uproots plants,” Hansen said.
Specific regulations govern what situations require permits for aquatic plant removal. Aquatic plant regulations and a guide to aquatic plants can be found at To apply for a permit, visit the DNR’s permitting and reporting system at

SOURCE: Minnesota DNR