Updated Wisconsin wildlife reports now available

MADISON, WI - The public can find the latest results for a wide variety of wildlife surveys conducted in 2016 and 2017 such as population surveys and estimates, harvest results and wildlife observations that are now available in reports on the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources website.
The reports include data collected from small game, big game, furbearer and non-game categories. The reports were made possible by Pittman-Robertson funding.
DNR staff would like to thank volunteers who assisted with survey efforts for their continued commitment to Wisconsin's wildlife.
The following reports for 2016-17 can be found by searching the DNR website, dnr.wi.gov, for keyword "reports."

Small Game Harvest, 2016-17
Ruffed Grouse Drumming Survey, 2017
Wisconsin Sharp-tailed Grouse Survey, 2017
Rural Mail Carrier Pheasant Survey, 2017
Spring Ring-Necked Pheasant Survey, 2017
Regional Bobwhite Quail and Cottontail Rabbit Survey, 2017

Black Bear Population Analyses, 2017
Wildlife Damage Abatement and Claims Program, 2016
Agricultural Deer Damage Shooting Permits, 2016
Winter Severity Indices, 2016-17

Bobcat Harvest, 2016
Fisher Harvest, 2016
Otter Harvest, 2016-17
Bobcat Population Analyses, 2017
Fisher Population Analyses, 2017
Otter Population Analyses, 2017
Bobcat Hunter/Trapper Survey, 2016
Winter Track Counts, 1977-2017
Beaver Trapping Questionnaire, 2016-1
Fur Trapper Survey, 2016-17
Wisconsin Fur Buyers Report, 2016-17

Central Wisconsin Greater Prairie-Chicken Survey, 2017
Frog and Toad Survey, 2016
American Marten Winter Track Surveys in Northern Wisconsin, 2016-17
Moose Observations, 2016
Rare Carnivore Observations, 2016

SOURCE: Wisconsin DNR