The good, the bad and the ugly!!!

Recently, our family’s late summer plans included a Milwaukee Brewers’ Weekend, in part to celebrate grandson, Jackson’s, 11th birthday. (It seems like yesterday he was just a little squirt!!)
Of course, when families get together, unplanned events are a given. We all know the scenario, don’t we?
The Brewers’ were hosting the Pittsburgh Pirates. Friday night’s game turned into a hard-fought battle, going 15 innings before The Brew Crew finally pulled off the victory, 7-6. Our “crew” made it 12 innings before we packed it in and called it a night.
The most fun we had during the game was a surprise none of us expected. We had arrived somewhat early. Some family members were wandering around Miller Park while a few of us took in the view from our seats.
We were really surprised when two young ladies from The Brewers’ organization came up to us and asked if either Jackson or Bryson (almost 9) would be interested in announcing Brewer players in the 4th inning, a tradition at Miller Park. Jackson had the first opportunity, because of his age. However, he declined. Bryson? He was all about going for it!!
One of the ladies showed us where Bryson and a family member should report by the middle of the 3rd inning. Bryson was psyched! When the time came, he and his Dad, our son, Jon, left for the area. Grampa tagged along to record the event.
At the bottom of the 4th inning, Bryson appeared bigger than life on “The Big Screen” introducing Ryan Braun, Mike Moustakas (Bryson’s fav) and Erik Kratz.
What turned out to be even more fun was later, when we watched Grampa’s video of Bryson before his big moment in the spotlight. Be sure to check it out.
The next day, the guys went to Golf Galaxy in Brookfield, while we girls headed out to shop. We were on our way to The Corners of Brookfield, a newer shopping center, when KABANG!!! We were sideswiped!!! Sara was driving our Jeep. She did everything she could to avoid the lady who hit us, including blaring the horn and moving over as far as she could. However, we were up tight against a median with nowhere to go.
Our new Jeep took the brunt of it. We were grateful no one was injured and called the guys. When they got there, and after some debate, Evan said, “We need to call the police.”
We spent more than an hour with the officer, who took our statements while we filled out forms. The lady took full responsibility for the crash. The Jeep could be driven, but the front passenger door wouldn’t open.
That evening was the family’s second game where we saw The Brewers get hit hard, too, in a 9-1 loss. OUCH!!
The Jeep is in for repairs and will be good as new. But, it’s unlikely we’ll forget the events of this Brewer trip - The good: Jackson’s birthday and Bryson’s big-screen debut. The bad: The Brewer’s 9-1 loss. And, the downright ugly: The accident.

(Be sure to view the video of Bryson’s Brewer antics on our home page at