Slip, sliding away

There are some things we simply shouldn’t do once we’ve reached the golden years, 65-80+. But, first I’ve gotta ask, “What is so golden about the golden years anyway?!!”
Checklists of safety considerations can be found on the internet, at senior living facilities or at any doctor’s office. Some of the concerns include not climbing most anything from ladders to standing on furniture while trying to reach further than we should. It is suggested to remove or tack down scatter rugs. Also, keep floors clean and uncluttered to prevent tripping and falls. Skid-proofing the tub/shower is another biggie.
One warning I have never seen or heard mentioned, but should be is: “Don’t try to juggle too many things at one time.” In our household, we have first-hand knowledge of what can happen, thanks to The Outdoors Guy.
Thursday, he was out and about. Really…when isn’t he? lol  On his way home, it was sweet and considerate of him to stop and pick up a coffee for me at my favorite eatery.
When he returned home, I didn’t hear the door open. What I did hear was loud wailing that scared me half to death!! I didn’t know who or WHAT it was. Then, I thought some crazy person was breaking in! I didn’t recognize his voice as he shrieked AAAAAAAA!!!! AAAAAAAAAA!!!!! AAAAAAAAAAAA!!!   
Running to the door, I witnessed Bob attempting a balancing act with several items, including the hot coffee. It had slipped and spilled on him, burning his hand and chest.
Grabbing the coffee and other items from him, we ripped off his shirt. Quickly, I pulled ice packs from the freezer. They began to lessen his pain right away.
Yet, his biggest regret was seemingly more painful than his burns.
 “I won’t be able to golf or fish for awhile,” he wistfully and mournfully commented.  
Applying Solarcaine Cool Aloe Burn Relief to the area helped even more. Within a short time, The Outdoors Guy’s pain lessened and he was doing much better.
“Something tells me you’re going to be able to golf and fish sooner than you thought!”
But then, The Outdoors Guy got mad at himself because he recalled a couple of months earlier, he tried to pull off a different balancing act. He had grilled salmon for dinner. I was almost finished prepping the rest of the meal when he came through the same door trying to manage plates, seasonings and grilling utensils in one trip. That less-than-graceful entrance didn’t end well either. One plate of salmon slipped from his hand and landed on the back door mat… and everywhere else, too!!
“Wouldn’t you think I would have learned after I dropped the salmon?!!” he said.
“Usually, bad things happen in threes,” I reminded him. “So, make a mental note: two juggling acts failed. You don’t want a 3-peat. Just remember, we’re never to old to learn.”
The upshot is, right here and now I’m suggesting this addition to the safety check list:
Don’t try to hold, carry or juggle more items than you can safely handle at one time. It could cause you to become unbalanced and/or prevent you from seeing where you are going, resulting in a tripping/falling hazard.
HmmmI remember the time I tripped UP the stairs. But, that’s another story!!!! Hahahaha!!!