The logic of an 8-year-old

Jackson (left) and Bryson

Another Memorial Day Weekend is in the books.
The Outdoors Guy and I had a memorable one with our son and daughter-in-law, Jon and Sara, and our grandsons Jackson, 10, and Bryson, 8.
We gathered at their cabin Friday for a happy reunion.
Of course, the boys looked like they’d grown another inch since we last saw them a few weeks ago. They were excited for the weekend and to only have 2½ days of school left until summer vacation kicks in. Jackson (left in photo) and Bryson were also looking forward to getting new kayaks on Sunday.
The cabin was hot… really hot!! The Hayward area was experiencing record temps much like ours in La Crosse. With help from fans, it cooled off dramatically as it often does in the country once the sun goes down.
Saturday morning, the boys were wired!! The plan was for them to golf with Grampa and their dad while Sara and I got in some girl time.
Finally, in an attempt to burn off some of their energy, Grampa told Jackson and Bryon to run down to the lake, touch the boat and run back to him.
They took off like a shot. It wasn’t long before he could hear pounding footsteps signaling their return.
It took no time at all for Jackson to squeal on his little bro.
“Bryson didn’t touch the boat,” he announced.
“Yes, I did,” came Bryson’s adamant response.
“No, you didn’t!”
They continued back and forth with the “No, you didn’t!” vs. the “Yes, I did!”
Grampa asked Bryson how he could have touched the boat when Jackson insisted he didn’t.
Bryson’s quick reply was, “My foot was touching the ground and the boat was touching the ground, so I was touching the boat,” he insisted… with a straight face.
Needless to say, Bryson’s brilliant deduction didn’t cut it in Grampa’s book of rules. He demanded Bryson go back and touch the boat and told Jackson to go with him.
“Why do I have to go again when I already touched the boat?” Jackson grumbled.
“Because you have to make sure Bryson actually touches it!” Grampa replied.
Away they went again. This time Bryson actually did what he was told to do.
But, seriously!!! What 8-year-old deducts that because his feet and the boat are touching the ground, he and the boat are touching? I think I’m going to use that logic the next time I have to be somewhere I don’t want to go… that place is touching the ground and I’m touching the ground, so I’m there!!! Ya… right!!!
I wonder what Bryson’s next pearl of wisdom will be!!
Meanwhile, we thought many times about Bob’s Uncle Bobby (who was killed on Saipan in WWII) and all the fallen heroes who gave their lives so we can have the freedoms we enjoy every day in our great country. Using Bryson’s logic, this would include the freedom to claim he is touching the boat by touching the ground the boat is touching!!!
YOWZA!!!! That’s our Bryson!!!

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