It’s all in the mind

What do neckties and dogs have in common? They are connected in a strange way with The Outdoors Guy and me.
It started last week. Bob had gone to bed a little early. When I thought I could quietly slip into the bedroom, I found him standing at the foot of the bed hunched over like he was looking for something. Yet, knowing he gets leg cramps occasionally, I quickly assumed that was the problem. Boy, was I WRONG!!!
“What are you doing?” I asked him. “Do you have leg cramps?”
“No,” he responded. “I’m looking for that necktie.”
“Whaaaat? What necktie?”
“You know the one.”
“Noooo, I don’t.”
“I just can’t find it,” he replied in frustration as he dug deeper under the covers.
I quickly surmised he was dreaming… but about neckties? Come on!!!! The only thing he normally dreams about is being out in the woods! The last time Bob wore a tie was at our nephew’s wedding back in 2012!!!
It took some fast talking and slipping into the closet to produce “the missing tie,” but I finally got him redirected and back into bed. Once in bed, though, I got the giggles because I was suddenly transported back 40+ years to another dream… only this one was mine.
It was the middle of the night and a nightmare was brewing. All of a sudden, I was awakened by The Outdoors Guy’s scream, “'AAAAHHHH!!! What are you doing?!!!'”
He flew out of bed like a bird taking flight when a predator is approaching its nest.
“You bit me in the back,” he yelled.
By now I was fully awake and realized the dream I was having involved a ferocious dog biting me. So… what did I do? Well, of course, what any non-logical, non-rational dreaming person would do… I literally bit the dog back!!! Except it was Bob’s back that took the brunt of it!! In this case, the phrase, “I’ve got your back,” was… DUH-not a good one!!!
After we both calmed down, I assessed the damage. His skin was broken, but thank goodness he wasn’t bleeding. Still, the whole episode was downright crazy!!!
We’ll never figure out where the necktie dream came from. But, because of it, The Outdoors Guy was, for lack of a better phrase… nearly fit to be tied!
One thing I know for sure. My dog dream gave new meaning to the phrase, “watch your back!!!”

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