Fish folly

Sunday marked the last day of the annual Wisconsin sturgeon spearing season.
I think the most interesting story from the season appeared last week when the local news featured an account about a fisherman who lives in Malone, WI.
According to the story, written by Barry Adams of the Wisconsin State Journal, 72-year-old Corky Atkinson has been fishing in Lake Winnebago for around 50 years.
The story listed a few of Atkinson’s successes over the years including, “a 115-pound, 77-inch sturgeon in 1990, a 74-pound, 72-inch fish on the last day of the 2017 season, and a few more in between.”
As per the story, Atkinson “showed the excitement of a greenhorn. Shortly after dragging an 87.2-pound, 73.4-inch sturgeon out of the door of his ice shack, Atkinson raised both arms and celebrated.”
“What a thrill,” shouted Atkinson… he was almost all the way into the hole before I saw him.’”
“Only he turned out to be a she.”
“...technicians at a Department of Natural Resources registration station revealed the fish was likely about 65 years old.”
Sixty-five?!! Holy Cow! Or should I say, Holy Fish!!
“Atkinson would find out later that same evening while butchering the fish in his garage that it was packed with 4.5 gallons of eggs.”
Yikes!! I have one burning question regarding this fish story. Ahem… Do female sturgeons, or female fish in general, ever go into menopause???!!! Snigger, Snigger!!!