In the 'eye' of the storm

The La Crosse County Amateur Golf Championships get especially hectic a couple of weeks beforehand with entries pouring in and final preparations.
This year, in the midst of laying the groundwork, we also experienced the severe thunderstorms that rolled through portions of Iowa, Minnesota and Western Wisconsin July 19-20, causing flooding and property damage.
Power in our area was knocked out for 20 hours. Because we are on well water, having no power translated into us having no running water. Loss of power also meant our sump pump couldn’t run. Consequently, we had a catch-22 dilemma. Where we needed water, we had none. Yet, where we didn’t want it, the water was running in like an open faucet!
Bob and I slaved from dusk until dawn bailing rainwater as it poured into the sump pump. Throughout the night, we only had a flashlight to show us the way as we hauled buckets and buckets of dirty water upstairs, and dumped them outside in the pouring rain with lightning flashing all around us. It was a night where we only rested for two,-20 minute breaks between storms. Our hard labor paid off, though, as we managed to keep our lower level from flooding. Others in our area weren’t as fortunate.
Mr. Outdoors did just fine throughout the stress of those busy couple of weeks… or so we thought. Shortly thereafter, trouble started brewing.
A visit to his ophthalmologist, Dr. Jerald Cundiff, confirmed Bob’s suspicions. The shingles virus was worse again.
The Outdoors Guy had been doing so well and was close to having his shingles resolved back in January. Then they intensified after he had cataract surgery in March.
Unfortunately, this latest obstacle pushed him back to square one for the third time! Dr. Cundiff explained that all the stress, plus lack of sleep during that two-week period is what brought on another round of shingles. The Outdoors Guy has been battling this nasty virus in his left eye since early October. It is a result of low immunity from chemotherapy.
Bob went back to four eye drops per day, plus Acyclovir pills, used to treat viruses, including shingles. Things are somewhat improved as now he is down to three drops a day and two Acyclovir.
Dr. Cundiff told him, “We need to remain vigilant. If not, this could result into glaucoma, although it is rare.”
Most people don’t enjoy doctor visits. Yet, if this is what it takes to keep his eyesight, we both say, “Bring on the appointments!”
Meanwhile, Mr. Outdoors took advantage of the cloudy weather the past couple of days for a different kind of visit… to his favorite streams for trout fishing. Did he have success? He told me he had so much fun that he knew he would be dreaming about it all night!!!!
Often, it’s the little things in life that make life worth living!!!