Boathouse Bob and Junior

For the past couple of years, Bob has been the "keeper" of the boathouse belonging to one of his best friends, Junior.
It’s the old one-hand-washes-the-other antidote. The Outdoors Guy keeps an eye out for any problems at the boathouse, alerts Junior, and a solution is found. In turn, Bob appreciates fishing privileges from spring through fall.
These longtime friends also enjoy their daily fishing trips to their favorite spots in Junior's boat during the summer months. However, medical issues for both of them have limited their time on the water.
This spring, Junior and Boathouse Bob have been busy bees with their "watchdog" duties. Of course, you know why. FLOODING!!! The high water has kept them swamped attempting to keep the antiquated boathouse afloat and from drifting away.
Thankfully, Junior hired Derrick to do the "grunt work." He also checks the boathouse every day. If there are any problems, Derrick is younger, mobile, stronger and able to handle anything the two 70-plus-year-old guys can’t.
It’s a great relief for Boathouse Bob and Junior, who is awaiting back surgery. Since recovering from an ongoing fight against pancreatic cancer, Bob has been left with a few residual side effects, including a loss of balance from chemotherapy and a stroke on Labor Day Weekend 2017. Bob isn’t as stable as he used to be, especially in a canoe on high water.
Yet, even with high water and duties in store for the "good ol' boys," every day, I see the joy on Boathouse Bob's face when he announces, “I’m going to the boathouse.”
For my part, I have no desire to go to a skanky boathouse where spiders are as big as fried eggs, mean teeth-baring fishers (a member of the weasel family) have been encountered, and snakes and other unsavory wildlife abound.
Consequently, when Bob announces he’s off to the boathouse every day, I smile and remind him to BE CAREFUL!!!
Yet, at the same time I’m thinking…. EEEKKKKK!!! LET. HIM. GO!!!!!

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