Standing on their own

Last fall, in preparation for the cold winter ahead, I bought The Outdoors Guy a pair of heavy-duty jeans. Shopping in the concrete jungle is NOT on his radar!!
Cold weather affects him more since he went through chemo treatments for pancreatic cancer. And, he doesn’t always like to wear long underwear.
I didn’t realize how heavy those britches were until I pulled them from the washing machine for the first time. It was like lifting weights!!
Bob appreciates their warmth this winter and the fact that the wind can’t begin to get through their rugged fabric. But, he, too, comments on how hefty they are!
I thought they might soften up after being laundered several times. Ah…NO!!!
So, I started kidding The Outdoors Guy, telling him, “I know if I tried, these trousers could stand on their own!”
“Naw, they’re not THAT tough,” he replied.
“We’ll see,” I said.
Well, they did stand… from the knees up. However, when I tipped them over, they did a waist stand!! They actually stood at attention as if Bobby was doing a head stand!!!
You can see for yourself…
It reminds me of “Stand By Your Man,” the ages-old country western song sung by Tammy Wynette, with a few adjustments to the lyrics.
Stand by your man, give him heavy pants to change into.
They’ll be especially warm to cling to,
when the outdoors is cold and windy.
Stand by your man, and for all the world protect him.
Give him heavy-duty pants that stand.
Stand by your man!!

Similar to Duluth Trading Post’s advertisement for their men's Duluth BullpenTM Stay-Put Pouch Underwear: “Keep your boys where they belong,” The Outdoors Guy’s britches keep the winter weather where it belongs… out in the cold!!!

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