Scanxiety turns into serenity

There was no need to question why The Outdoors Guy wasn’t his usual self earlier this week.
Tuesday, he was scheduled for his six-month labs, tumor marker test and CT scan as a followup for his pancreatic cancer diagnosed May 8, 2015.
After his last round of tests, Dr. Paula Gill, Bob’s oncologist at Mayo Clinic-La Crosse campus, said because he had so many clean scans, she could no longer warrant testing every three months.
Stretching tests out to double the amount of time between scans made Bob feel like he was up on a ladder with nowhere to go.
It was about a year ago when he read an article about the anxiousness before testing. It even has a name, “Scanxiety.”
“Scanxiety” is defined as “the tension which builds, particularly among those who have or have had cancer, as they move toward their regular checkup scan.”
After scanxiety, patients move into “hyper-scanxiety,” being the time they wait for results.
Aha!!! No wonder The Outdoors Guy suddenly becomes a little hard to live with during the pre-and-post test results. When you think about it, though, we all can be anxious while waiting for test results, even if we don’t have cancer.
This time, though, he seemed a little more at peace than he has in the past. I am sure his strengthened faith in God has brought him to a new-found confidence that, come what may, he always has been and will continue to be in the Great Physician’s care.
Our wait is over. Today Bob met with Dr. Gill to receive his test results.
The Outdoors Guy said Dr. Gill was ecstatic with his test results. His tumor marker remains at eight, the same as six months ago, and his CT scan was clean with no sign of the pancreatic tumor!!! His other labs, including his liver tests, were also great.
PHENOMENAL…INCREDIBLE…REMARKABLE!!! These are the best adjectives I can think of to express Bob’s test results and how we are feeling at this time. Yet, BLESSED rises far above and beyond these by a country mile in the Outdoors Guy’s thankful eyes.
2019 is off to a happy, healthy start for our family and we hope for yours, too!!!

You will go out in joy and be led forth in peace; the mountains and hills will burst into song before you, and all the trees of the field will clap their hands. - Isaiah 55:12