Oh, boys!!! Here we go again…

Our youngest son, Evan, is a fun and funny guy. Even as a little kid, he always, ALWAYS marched to the beat of his own drum. His even-keel older bro, Jon, is like a ship… steady as she goes! Two brothers, two different paths.
Well, Jon’s boys, Jackson, 11, and Bryson, 9, are Jon and Evan all over again. Jackson is calm, quiet and, for the most part, collected. Bryson on the other hand, is free-wheeling!
When our family got together with Jon, Sara and the boys, and before Bryson was old enough to walk, he was really afraid of Evan. He wouldn’t let Ev hold him… he’d squirm and squeal if Evan tried to take him from someone else’s arms. We could never understand it.
Then, one day it hit me. Evan is 16 years younger than Jon. He’s a big guy, but because he was, and still is, so full of energy… basically wired liquid… I wondered if it was plausible Bryson couldn’t figure Evan out. Evan looked like a grownup… yet he acted like a kid. And a HUGE kid like that was bound to scare little Brycie!!!
It took awhile for Bryson to feel comfortable with Evan. However, as Bryson has grown, guess what? He idolizes uncle Evan! When our family is together, Bryson sticks to Ev like Gorilla Glue!!!
The two of them even think alike. Once, when Ev was a kid, he was deer hunting with Bob, Bob’s Dad, uncle and cousins. They stopped for lunch. When the waitress asked Evan for his order, Evan responded with, “I’ll take a cheeseburger, without the cheese.”
The waitress asked, “Sooo, you mean you want a plain burger?”
“No, I want a cheeseburger without the cheese.”
They went back and forth a couple of times and, by now, the hunting crew was in stitches and the waitress was probably wondering what planet this kid was dropped off from. It’s a story Ev will NEVER, EVER live down!!!
Then, there’s Brycie!!! The other day, he told his parents, “I like onion rings, but without the onions.”
SAY WHAT???!!!
Sara and Jon couldn’t wait to tell us! It is SO Evan!!!
We thought there could only be one Evan. BUT, LOOK OUT WORLD, EVAN No. 2 IS ON THE LOOSE!!!!!