La Crescent's Breeden has big weekend on TRGA Tour

WXOW Channel-19 chief meteorologist Dan Breeden collected a pair of Three Rivers Golf Association VPP Group/Big Sky Cattle victories this weekend.
La Crescent's Breeden won the Men's Third Flight title in the TRGA Valley High Open at Valley High Golf Course in Houston, MN, and then capped the weekend with another victory in Third Flight at the TRGA Fox Hollow Open at Fox Hollow Golf Club in Barre Mills on Sunday.
Onalaska's Ben Socha birdied the 18th hole to edge Tomah's Trey Hewuse for the Men's Championship flight title on Sunday. Socha finished with a 3-over par 73, while Hewuse settled for a 74 and his second runner-up finish in two days.
Socha's drive on the 294-yard, par-4 fifth hole ended up 6 feet from the hole and paving the way for an eagle 2.
In other action on Sunday, Rick Stewart of Onalaska played the five par-3 holes in two-under-par and finished with 72, his best TRGA round of the season, to win Men's First Flight. West Salem's Mark Werner captured the Second Flight title with 79. Marty Gora of Onalaska defeated Holmen's Mike Fortin in a one-hole playoff in the Gold Division. Gora, Fortin and Jeff Krueger tied with 89.   
Breeden and Mark Peterson of Grantsburg, WI, tied at 84 with Breeden winning in sudden death.
Onalaska's Krista Drewiske chipped in for par on the first playoff hole to beat Terry Thomas of La Crosse in the Women's Flighted division.   
The twice postponed TRGA Valley High Open was played Saturday in near-perfect weather.
Matt Peterson of Rockford, IL, holed out from 50 yards on the opening hole for birdie to propel him to the Championship Flight title with a one-over par 72. He finished three shots better than Hewuse.
Onalaska's Bruce Lindseth won on the first hole of sudden death for the First Flight crown. His par save on the par-4, 10th hole eliminated Stewart and Randy Olson of Onalaska. All three players shot 79 in regulation.    
Tony Friedl won Second Flight easily with a 77 and a six-stroke victory over La Crosse's Joe Hunter. Roger Cram of Brownsville, MN, won the Gold Flight with 84.

TRGA VPP Group/Big Sky Cattle Fox Hollow Open

At Fox Hollow Golf Course
In Barre Mills, WI

Sunday, July 7, results

Men's Championship Flight
Ben Socha, Onalaska 35-38-73    
Trey Hewuse, Tomah 38-36-74    
Collin Hubertz, Onalaska 38-38-76    
John Percy, La Crosse 39-37-76    
Matthew Peterson, Rockford 38-41-79    
Derek Iverson, La Crosse 38-42-80    
Mark Miller, Onalaska - DQ    

Men's First Flight
Rick Stewart, Onalaska 36-36-72    
Jordan Graf, La Crescent 37-36-73    
Jeff Pigorsch, La Crosse 38-36-74    
Bill Feehan, La Crosse 39-36-75    
Matt Hoehn, Onalaska 38-38-76    
Tim Darwin, La Crosse 36-42-78    
Travis Weston, La Crosse 41-38-79    
Randy Olson, Onalaska 38-42-80    
Aaron Kupinski, La Crosse 39-42-81    
Bruce Lindseth, Onalaska 42-39-81    
Joe Loomis, La Crosse 39-42-81    
Brandon Amann, Onalaska 41-43-84    
Jacob Krause, La Crosse 41-43-84    
Curt Greeno, La Crosse 41-46-87    
Jim Nelson, La Crosse 46-41-87    

Men's Second Flight
Mark Werner, West Salem 39-39-78    
Kevin Drewiske, Onalaska 38-41-79    
Tony Friedl, La Crosse 40-40-80    
Joe Hunter, La Crosse 40-41-81    
Tyler Shrake, Onalaska 37-44-81    
Kevin Marchant, Viola 39-44-83    
Tom Desjarlais, Onalaska 45-39-84    
Jeremiah Shimshak, Holmen 43-41-84    
Bjorn Berg, La Crosse 37-49-86    
Robert Burns, La Crosse 39-48-87    
Randy Paine, Onalaska 45-42-87    
Joey Arneson, Holmen  39-50-89    
Dale Sinclair, Onalaska 42-47-89    
Dan Leis, Holmen 40-52-92    

Men's Third Flight
*Dan Breeden, La Crescent 40-44-84    
Mark Peterson, Grantsburg 45-39-84    
Rob Hansen, West Salem 44-41-85    
Nick Kleifgen, Wisconsin Rapids 44-44-88    
Jeff Miller, La Crosse 44-44-88    
Bob Roers, Onalaska 45-44-89    
Keith Seidel, Holmen 43-46-89    
Leon McNutt, Houston 39-51-90    
Patrick Rice, Fountain City 47-45-92    
Monte Jacobson, West Salem 44-49-93    
Scott Hackworth, Onalaska 51-43-94    
Bob Cagle, La Crosse 50-45-95    
Andrew Lindseth, Onalaska 47-53-100    
Larry Shingleton, La Crosse - WD    

Men's Gold Flight    
*Marty Gora, Onalaska 41-48-89    
Mike Fortin, Holmen 38-51-89    
Jeff Krueger, La Crescent 43-46-89    
Ronald Puestow, Onalaska 46-45-91    
Jim Kelly, Chaseburg 43-51-94    
Steve Crogan, Onalaska 46-49-95    
Roger Cram, Brownsville 46-51-97    
Richard Wall, Onalaska 49-50-99    
Van Loken, Onalaska 45-56-101    
Shadow Loken, Onalaska 61-50-111    

Women's Flighted
*Krista Drewiske, Onalaska 41-41-82--72
Terry Thomas, La Crosse 40-43-83--72
Terry Ziegelbauer, La Crosse 45-47-92--80
Cathi Baus, La Crosse 51-45-96--84

* Won in Sudden Death

TRGA VPP Group/Big Sky Cattle Valley High Open

At Valley High Golf Course
In Houston, MN

Saturday, July 6, results
Men's Championship Flight            
Matthew Peterson, Rockford 36-36-72    
Trey Hewuse, Tomah 39-36-75    
Ben Socha, Onalaska 38-38-76    
Collin Hubertz, Onalaska 41-42-83    
John Percy, La Crosse 44-42-86    

Men's First Flight        
*Bruce Lindseth, Onalaska 41-38-79    
Randy Olson, Onalaska 38-41-79    
Rick Stewart, Onalaska 43-36-79    
Jordan Graf, La Crescent 44-36-80    
Ben Korger, La Crosse 47-36-83    
Tom Desjarlais, Onalaska 44-40-84    
Matt Hoehn, Onalaska 45-39-84    
Joe Loomis, La Crosse 42-43-85

Men's Second Flight            
Tony Friedl, La Crosse 42-35-77    
Joe Hunter, La Crosse 44-39-83    
Mark Werner, West Salem 46-38-84    
Jeremiah Shimshak, Holmen 45-41-86    
Dale Sinclair, Onalaska 45-42-87    
Damian Bork, Holmen 45-43-88    
Scott Hackworth, Onalaska 44-44-88    
Robert Schoen, Holmen 45-43-88    
Robert Burns, La Crosse 48-41-89    
Joey Arneson, Holmen 47-44-91
Men's Third Flight
Dan Breeden, La Crescent 46-43-89    
Leon McNutt, Houston 49-43-92    
Marvin Davis, La Crosse 51-44-95    
Jeff Miller, La Crosse 52-44-96    
John Rosenow, Cochrane 47-49-96    
Bob Roers, Onalaska 50-47-97    
Bob Cagle, La Crosse 50-48-98    
Nick Kleifgen, Wisconsin Rapids 54-48-102    
Larry Shingleton, La Crosse 54-51-105    
Andrew Lindseth, Onalaska 58-50-108    

Men's Gold Flight
Roger Cram, Brownsville 44-40-84    
Steve Crogan, Onalaska 44-43-87    
Jeff Krueger, La Crescent 47-43-90    
Dave Fairey, La Crescent 48-46-94    
Mike Fortin, Holmen 48-48-96    
Richard Wall, Onalaska 53-43-96    
Shadow Loken, Onalaska 51-46-97    
Ted Knudson, La Crosse 54-46-100    
Len Huegel, La Crescent 58-47-105    
Van Loken, Onalaska 56-49-105    
Ronald Puestow, Onalaska 61-44-105

* Won in Sudden Death