Winnebago System sturgeon spawning season begins

Wisconsin DNR Senior Fisheries Biologist/Winnebago System Sturgeon Biologist

The 2018 lake sturgeon spawning run on the Wolf River is officially underway.  
Fish began spawning at the Sturgeon Trail in New London last evening/early this morning and our crew was out there tagging fish this afternoon.  
The fish were not spawning real heavy as there were only a few active pods working, but we were able to handle 45 fish.  
We checked a few other spots between New London and Shawano this afternoon and to my knowledge the Sturgeon Trail is the only location with actively spawning fish.  
There were some fish exhibiting "cruising" behavior at Bamboo Bend in Shiocton and numerous other sites, but these fish were not yet actively spawning.  
Cruising behavior normally means that spawning activity is very close, so I believe spawning will commence at these sites within the next day or two.  
New London will be the best location for interested spectators to see fish Monday and that will be the starting location for our tagging crew Monday morning.  
The weather forecast for the next couple of days looks great, so don't wait too long to get out and see the sturgeon spawn on the Wolf River!