This is one first I would like to forget

Life is full of firsts, right?
Well, as I approach my 72nd year on this earth, I reached another milestone on Wednesday afternoon. I fell into a trout stream.
It was my third... and last trout of the day, but it became entangled in thick weeds as I pulled it to shore. I could see the trout was hooked well, and I didn't want to cut the line, so I thought I could step less than four feet to dislodge it. Little did I realize the deep canary grass was camouflaging the stream bank.
Don't get me wrong. This wasn't a deep creek, but one of my favorites. I'm a good swimmer so I knew I wasn't going to drown in the chest high cold, but swift water.
Taking a deep breath, I said a quick prayer and thought about my cellphone, video recorder and billfold I had stashed in my fishing clothes.
It took me more than 10 minutes to climb out of the stream and back onto shore. The muddy stream bank was STEEPER than I thought and EXTREMELY slippery. Thanks to the dense canary grass I held on to, I was able to inch my way back onto shore.
Sitting there and looking at myself, I thought, "Bob, you look like a drowned rat."
My knee boots were full of water. The bad news was my creel was full of water, I was soaking wet and had about a quarter of a mile to return to my Jeep. Not only that, I wrenched my right knee during the fall into the creek.
The good news? I didn't lose the fish. Tossing my fly rod onto shore as I was falling into the stream helped. I freed the hooked fish from the weeds and tossed it onto shore before crawling out myself.
Needless to say, my better half wasn't pleased with my latest escapade. I got THE LOOK! Then came the sermon.
"That's why I text you to check on you when you go by yourself," she said. "One of these days..."
No other words were needed. It was an accident... not my first in this life, but one I will remember forever, especially when our oldest son and two grandsons come this weekend to close out the inland trout fishing season.
As for my equipment, the rugged "outdoors" cellphone works fine. However, the video recorder appears ruined.
Oh, my knee?
My doctor and I exchanged emails this morning. He said to continue icing it, elevating the knee and take extra strength acetaminophen.
No problem. I want to take the grandkids trout fishing this weekend.
I just hope they won't have to pull me out of the drink.

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