How far will Brewers go in the playoffs?

Just imagine. One month ago the Milwaukee Brewers were in third place in the National League Central Division and five games behind those dreaded Chicago Cubs.
Fast forward one month and the Brewers are champions of what is now regarded as the toughest division in Major League baseball.
It wasn't easy, but the manager Craig Counsell-led Brewers kept plodding away and thanks to an eight-game winning streak and a 3-1 victory over the Cubs in Monday's one-game tiebreaker at Wrigley Field, the Brewers await their opponent in the NL Division Playoffs on Thursday.
It's been a Cinderella story for the Brewers all season, but now they are in the driver's street with home field advantage throughout the playoffs thanks to their best record in the NL.
How will they do?
Personally, I believe they could make it to the World Series and then who knows?
What do you think?
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GO BREWERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!