9-year-old Holmen hunter bags first deer

Do you remember the first deer you shot?
I do, and so does everyone else who has ever hunted deer with gun, bow, muzzleloader or crossbow.
Whether it was a doe, spike buck or large antlered beauty, they are all trophies in the eyes of the beholder.
Those "first deer" memories last a lifetime, and you can bet your best buck knife they are told every year in deer camps throughout the country. Trophy deer tales and others are also told in camps each year, but the "first deer" stories are the best.
On Sunday, my good friend, Gary Gonczy, sent me a photo in an email about his 9-year-old grandson, Grayson Zielke, of Holmen.
"My 9 year old grandson's first deer," Gonz wrote. "Shot it yesterday with a crossbow."
The photo and few words instantly brought back memories of my first deer - a small forkhorn. It made this old hunter smile while fishing off Ol' Tom's boathouse.
Gonz is a proud grandpa and should be, but not as proud as Grayson. Indeed, that's quite an accomplishment for a fourth grader.
Grayson now joins a long list of "first deer" storytellers. I wonder how many times he's told the story and shared photos at school today.
Congrats Grayson.