It's a dream I wish Packers, Rodgers would consider

There is no way this would come about in today's world, but it's still fun to think about. At least for me... maybe other Green Bay Packers' fans, too.
For sure, there's been plenty of news about NFL free agency in recent days. Player releases and acquisitions are hot topics.
The most notable move so far has been the Minnesota Vikings signing quarterback Kirk Cousins to, believe it or not, a "guaranteed" three-year, $84 million contract. According to reports,  there's actually $6 million more awaiting Cousins if he attains his incentives. How much money does a person need nowadays?
So, where does this leave Aaron Rodgers, the Green Bay Packers' franchise quarterback and perhaps the best quarterback in the NFL?
As I said, this won't happen, but it's what I would like to see.  Rodgers has two years left on his present contract, but talks have already begun about reaching an extension. The Packers wanted to get it done sooner rather than later, but Rodgers wasn't in any hurry. He and his agent were extremely smart playing the waiting game, especially now with the NFC North rival Cousins becoming the highest paid player in the league.
Rodgers is a California kid, and I'm sure, like most of us, he doesn't enjoy Wisconsin winters, but I would personally like to see him on the Packer sideline after his long, storied, playing career. You only had to watch him on the sideline while his surgically repaired collarbone healed last year to get a glimpse of what his future could hold. He coached Brett Hundley like a only a high-quality quarterback can. Rodgers showed excitement and enthusiasm, and without question, relayed advice to head coach Mike McCarthy, the supposed QB guru.
I say why not sign Rodgers to a lifetime player contract, one which he is guaranteed to always be the highest paid player in the league. The simplest way is to include a clause adding $1 more to his contract whenever another player surpasses the amount.
And, while the NFLPA may come into play, it would be nice to guarantee Rodgers as Green Bay's quarterback coach when he decides to retire.
Who knows? After a few years, elevate him to offensive coordinator. Shucks, maybe even to head coach some day, if he's willing.
I know. It's just a far-fetched dream. Rodgers may never want to consider it anyway. But watching him unable to play, while still bringing energy and enthusiasm to the team during his weeks on injured reserve, give me reason for hope.

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