An open letter to Mike McCarthy

Mike McCarthy

Dear Coach McCarthy,
First, I respect you and believe, overall, you have done a very good job as Green Bay Packers' head coach.
Your overall record is exceptional, and I know you are very well-respected among your peers and beyond. However, as a longtime sports journalist and Packers' follower, I disagree with your decision to start QB Brett Hundley rather than Joe Callahan on Sunday.
In one breath, you say preseason games are for evaluating talent. In another breath, you say there is a huge difference between preseason games and regular-season games, but the evaluation process has already begun.
Isn't that a little bit hypocritical?
Although the Packers and Detroit Lions are both out of the playoffs and are playing a meaningless regular-season finale, I understand your reasoning for trying to finish 8-8 rather than 7-9. Winning is the name of the game. However, wouldn't it would be an ideal time for Callahan to get some "real" action in a regular-season game.
Are you saying you believe Hundley is the best choice to back up injured quarterback and future Hall of Famer Aaron Rodgers?
Are you saying once Rodgers retires... whenever that may be, that Hundley automatically steps into his shoes?
Are you auditioning Hundley for another NFL team?
Are you sitting Callahan to protect him from other NFL team evaluations?
Or, do you simply feel Callahan isn't an NFL caliber quarterback yet?
These questions deserve answers.

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