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Flextone's Ol' Faithful belongs in every turkey hunter's call bag

"Silence" is a word turkey hunters frown upon.
It's happened to all of us. The only sounds we hear are squirrels or blue jays.  
"What's up with the turkeys? I can't get anything out of hens or gobblers. Do they have laryngitis?" we ask ourselves.
Well, I found a box call that will not only get gobblers gobbling, but hens clucking and yelping, too. It's the Flextone Ol' Faithful box call. Trust me. It works.
I live in a great turkey zone in the Greater La Crosse Area. Our condo in the valley borders super turkey hunting habitat as well as many turkeys. It's a rare day when I don't see hens, poults and gobblers in the huge alfalfa and waste grain field bordering our property.
I always keep my turkey call bag handy in our garage and use several different calls to try and get the critters to call back. However, once they turn "silent," nothing seems to jumpstart them again.
Two days ago, I saw a group of 22 birds, including three huge gobblers in the field. I stood near my garage and made a few strokes on one of my box calls. I also tried a slate call and diaphragm call. Nothing. It didn't surprise me. The birds are "henned up" at this time of the year.
That's when I turned to the Ol' Faithful call I agreed to product test for Flextone. There were no agreements for a positive review... simply an honest review.
I made a few yelps with the call, but thought they were way too loud. However, the hens began clucking while the three toms displayed among them. I stopped and listened. The hens eventually went back to feeding while the gobblers continued to strut their stuff.
I called a few minutes later. One of the gobblers returned my call loudly. The hens began to cluck. The same thing happened again and again.
The two things that surprised me the most were how loud the call is and the high-pitched sound it produces.
My huntin' buddy, "Texas" Terry Stuart, agrees. He tried the call on the farm where we hunt turkeys and was very impressed, too. Indeed, this mini boat paddle box call really works.Eddie "The Turkey Man" Salter is also impressed, according to a Flextone news release.
“It’s the ideal call to create the sharp, loud cutting sounds necessary to fire up gobblers – especially over longer distances or in noisy conditions,” says Salter, who makes the Ol’ Faithful Box Call his go-to call for locating and runnin’ and gunnin’.
“Despite its locating ability, the Ol’ Faithful isn’t a one-trick pony.” Salter added. “It’s got that raspy low end of an old, yelping hen which makes it a great all-around call.”
The release also states the Ol" Faithful box turkey call features:
* Mini boat paddle design.
* Custom eucalyptus lid and base.
* Exceptional volume for locating and long-distance calling.
* Two-sided design for multiple hen tones.
* High front-end with exceptional backside rasp.
* Handcrafted and hand-tuned.
* Made in the USA.
* MSRP: $29.99.
To learn more, check out our product test video right here at boblamboutdoors.
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