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The do's and don'ts to removing golf balls from cups

We were playing golf a couple of weeks ago and happened to be following a foursome of elderly gentlemen.
My playing partner and I became a little frustrated with our putting after rimming the cup on two of the first three holes. And then I discovered why. At least two of the fellows in front of us were removing golf balls from the cup with the heads of their putters.
I understand our knees and back get old and it becomes increasingly difficult to bend and remove a golf ball from a cup in the normal, proper manner using your fingers. However, there are better ways.
One way is to ask one of your playing partners to remove the ball from the cup. Another way is to buy a specially designed suction cup that goes on the end of the putting grip. My late father had one and it worked extremely well.
Ripping the ball out with the head of the putter not only takes the enjoyment away from players following you, it also causes unnecessary work for maintenance crews, who must cut new cups.
Keith Stoll, PGA professional and general manager at Forest Hills Golf Course in La Crosse, provides an insight into this issue in our latest video. Check it out.
Remember, golf is a "gentlemen's game." Let's keep it that way.