Grandma's saying rings true despite COVID-19

Grandma Lamb - God rest her soul - often told me when I was growing up that I should always try to find something good in something bad.
I found nothing good about COVID-19 until late last week when I stumbled across an old fisherman off the southern tip of French Island.
Sitting in the warmth of my Jeep with the outside temperature only 33 degrees and an unwelcome damp breeze, I watched the old-timer unload a 5-gallon bucket, two fishing poles, a small tackle box and live bait from his SUV. He pulled on a heavy wool coat and trudged down to one of the boat docks at Veterans Point Marina.
The gate to the dock was open and unlocked. The senior angler baited up his poles and began fishing.
I watched a few minutes, then stepped outside and walked toward shore. I snapped a few photos and then shouted out the standard fisherman's greeting.
"How they bitin'?" I blurted out.
"Just got here," he shouted back.
I watched him a few more minutes, took a couple more photos and then shouted, "Would you like to do a video with me?"
Pulling his hoodie down a little, the old-timer shouted back, "Sure, I guess so."
I returned to my Jeep, got my video recorder and walked down the gangplank to meet the old guy.
"My name is Bob Lamb and I would like to do a video interview with you for my website - boblamboutdoors," I said.
"Oh, you're Bob Lamb. I always enjoyed your outdoors stories in the newspaper. Well, I am certainly happy to meet you after all these years, Bob," he replied as we bumped elbows, while mentioning the COVID-19 safety guidelines.
We visited several minutes. I learned the old-timer is pushing 80, is a lifelong La Crosse resident, loves to fish as well as talk about fishing.
We hashed over the good old days of bullhead fishing, reeling in sunfish, crappies and perch, as well as pursuing larger fish like catfish, northern pike, bass and walleye.
OK, let's try a video," I suggested.
"OK, Bob," he replied.
Once you see the video on our homepage - albeit more than 8 minutes long - you will easily see I found something good in something as bad as COVID-19.
Thanks, Duane Johnson (pictured)!