Packers must jump out to early lead against 49ers

I hope the Green Bay Packers get the football first on Sunday.
If they win the coin toss against the San Francisco 49ers, I pray they don't defer to the second half. If the 49ers wins the toss, I hope and pray they defer and force the Packers to accept the opening kickoff.
Why? Because the Packers must start quickly to begin the NFC Championship game. They must grab an early lead and then turn their defense loose.
This has been a topic of conversation throughout media outlets this week. The common strategy among NFL gurus is that a team should defer the opening kickoff for the second half because the chances are greater that team will have the last offensive possession before halftime and then get the ball back immediately in the second half.
I don't know about you, but in my years spent listening, watching and covering NFL games, it doesn't happen all that frequently.
Let's be clear. Green Bay is not a "come-from-behind" team when it plays against NFL elite teams, especially in critical games. All we need to do is flashback to the Packers-49ers regular season game. Granted, the Packers had the ball first, but quarterback Aaron Rodgers fumbled resulting in a quick 7-0 deficit. Green Bay faced a 10-0 hole by the end of the first quarter and a 23-0 crater by halftime. Frisco went on to a 37-8 rout. However, I guarantee that won't repeat again if the same scenario presents itself.
Let me ask you this. As an athlete, would you prefer to play from behind or ahead?
That's why I hope the Packers get the ball on offense to open the game.
What do you think?

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