Cut NFL preseason in half

The length of the NFL preseason becomes a hot topic every year.
The biggest questions are should a team play its starters, or rest them and not risk injuries.
To begin with, are four games really necessary? Why not only two preseason games?
There's less chance of starters getting injured and the games would become more meaningful.
By playing two preseason games, starters could... and should play at least a quarter or half in the opener, with non-starters, draftees and free agents playing the second half. That way, fans could be assured of watching starters actually play in a preseason game. There's nothing more disappointing than going to a preseason game expecting your favorite stars to play, only to learn they are not in full gear, but roaming the sidelines.
Stadiums wouldn't be as empty as they are now and games would be more than yawners if starters show up in pads ready to go full steam.
Now, the second preseason game could be reserved for those trying to make the final 53-man squad and for fringe starters needing a little more extra work.
Two fewer preseason games would also give all teams one more week of practice to evaluate players before the final cut when the regular season begins.
Owners need not worry. One more regular-season game could be added, thus assuring them of any possible revenue they may not generate with a second preseason home game.
Does it make sense? It does to me.

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