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Out and About with Bob

There is one magnificent buck in our neck of the woods this fall.
This alpha male had two other smaller bucks feeding with him for a week or so before he started shoving them away. He is now alone every night.
Gosh, I'd like to get him in my crosshairs, but I know it won't happen. The neighboring farmer won't allow us to hunt on his land. That's OK. I'll just continue watching the big buck until he no longer shows up in the huge field separating the farmer's property and our condo association land by a three-strand barbed wire fence.
This buck has spectacular antlers, especially when I peer through my binoculars. They are very long and sit high on his head. I watch him between 6 and 7 p.m., each night. Shucks, even at 300-400 yards, he's easy to see. It's simply breathtaking watching the fading evening sun glisten off his antlers.
Meanwhile, inland trout fishing season closes on Sunday, Oct.15. Our oldest son, Jon, his wife, Sara, and grandsons, Jackson and Bryson, are spending the weekend with us, arriving from Cloquet, MN, late Friday night.
Jon, the grandkids and I are planning to go trout fishing for a short time on Saturday and Sunday. Hopefully, we'll catch a few brook trout as well as shoot a little video for the website.
We're also planning to do a little panfishing if we can make it out to the boathouse despite the high water.
Until we meet, have a great day outdoors.