Out and About with Bob

Christmas will be here before we know it. We have ice. We have snow.
What does it all mean?
All the kids and grandkids are coming to our condo in the valley for Christmas.
For sure, Gramps will be taking the grandkids ice fishing.
For sure, the kids will be taking the grandkids sledding.
It should be an interesting few days at the Lamb home beginning Dec. 23.
Gramps has lots to do from now to then - fish poles to rig up, spud to sharpen, bait to buy, holes to drill at the boathouse.
Grams is already busy baking and frosting Christmas cookies, decorating our home from top to bottom and making out an exhaustive menu. Hey, Gramps is doing his part by staying out of the way, frosting a few cookies, and most important providing the "Christmas cookie taste test."
Meanwhile, my daily drives reveal the fish aren't biting that well,  depending upon where you go and who you talk with. Some guys are hush-hush. Others spill their guts, showing proof of their day's catch.
I know fishing has been slow off the south end of French Island near Veterans Memorial Marina. I saw a handful of anglers last weekend, but didn't see anyone pulling in any fish.
I talked with two anglers coming off the ice and they said, "It's really slow. Nothing."
I drove there the next four days and no one was fishing.
Fisherman's Road, off the northeast end of French Island, was producing several anglers. There were reports of "good days and bad days."
Minnesota DNR conservation warden Tyler Ramaker of La Crescent, said ice anglers have been increasingly fishing the backwaters of the Mississippi River.
Ramaker said ice is thickening, but anglers should always remember that ice on the river is unpredictable.
Rabbit hunting is picking up, with beagles, for the most part, able to run atop the snow and circle cottontails to their handlers.
Pheasant hunters report they are finding birds grouped up. Turkeys dine daily in the huge picked cornfield adjacent to our condo in the valley.
Until we meet, have a great day outdoors.