Out and About with Bob

The pelicans have returned.
I saw my first one on April 1. No foolin!
I saw several more in Catgut Slough last weekend. I even tried to get a few quick photos, but they are indeed "spooky."
Trying to get close to pelicans is like trying to get close to a country's president. It's almost, if not, impossible.
Pelicans are beautiful birds that are making a comeback in Wisconsin and Minnesota. As a kid growing up in these parts, the only pelicans I saw was at the movies or in the Encyclopedia. Today, it's not seeing them that's the problem, but getting near enough to enjoy. I don't believe we have any nesting pelicans in the Greater La Crosse Area. The Coulee Region is just a stopover before heading farther north to begin nesting.
However, I gave up trying to get close enough for a photo or video, opting for binoculars instead, after reading what Minnesota DNR regional nongame specialist Lisa Gelvin-Innvaer said in a recent article.
“Pelicans are a very distinct looking bird, and that’s why many people enjoy them – not just birdwatchers,” she said. “However, pelicans are especially sensitive to humans and are easily scared off of their nests, causing them to abandon their nest and eggs.”
Meanwhile, I bought my new fishing license and inland trout stamp, so I'm all set for the Saturday, May 4 opener.
We continue to monitor Ol' Tom's boathouse as the water continues its "yo-yo" rise and fall.
Deer seem to be everywhere at all times of the day. Turkeys are out and about, too.
I talked with two anglers fishing from a boat off the south end of French Island last Sunday. They had a nice bag of crappies and perch. I also produced a video for our website, but some of the dialogue was muffled due to strong wind when I turned the camera in a certain direction.
In other news, Minnesota DNR conservation officer Tyler Ramaker, in La Crescent, reported that many boaters were found to be missing required equipment during a boating safety patrol on the Mississippi River. Boaters are reminded to check for required equipment before they take their boats out for the first trip of the year.
Ramaker also checked anglers on local trout streams and on the Mississippi River.
Minnesota DNR warden Mitch Boyum, stationed in Rushford, reported a busy trout opener despite the cool and snowy weather. Most anglers caught fish and limits were seen. One group checked with a limit forgot about the nine extra they had in the spare tire compartment. Enforcement action was taken.
A trespass complaint was taken with two subjects found to be fishing without permission.Conservation officer Tom Hemker, in Winona, reported a slow trout opener, but good walleye fishing on the river. The number of people targeting trout was down, but the streams were in good shape and trout were caught.
Baby and injured wild animals are showing up, which creates calls from concerned people.
Until we meet, have a great day outdoors.