Out and About with Bob

Our grandsons had a picnic fishing down at Ol' Tom's boathouse last Saturday morning. Jackson, 12, and Bryson, 10 in September, fished to their heart's content, reeling in one panfish after another.
There was lots of sorting during the two hours they fished, but their dad, Jon, and I convinced them to only put 14 "keepers" in the live well for Gramps to fillet.
Jackson also caught a dogfish, while Bryson reeled in one sheepshead. Check out the "boys fishing" video on our home page.
Junior and I fished off the boathouse for an hour or so Tuesday morning. Rain interrupted us a few times, but we still managed to pull in enough sunfish and bluegills for Junior to take home.
Meanwhile, deer are beginning to show their true colors near our condo in the valley in rural La Crosse.
During my early-evening walk on Monday, I counted seven deer in the huge corn and alfalfa field next to our condo. Four of them were bucks, including one large antlered trophy whose coat has already changed from summer red to normal fall and winter brown. The best I could make out through my binoculars is the other smaller bucks will be at least 6 and maybe 8-pointers. Their coats are also begging to turn. However, the three doe are still a bright summer red.
A large doe walked within 10 feet of my study window just before 8 o'clock Tuesday night.
On Wednesday night, I took my same walk to the huge field just before dark. As I walked toward the field, a heard yelping, barking and howling. Looking through my binoculars, I saw a coyote sitting on its haunches at the far end of the field. Glassing the entire field, there wasn't a deer in sight, naturally because of the coyote's presence. I yelped a few times, the coyote sprang to its feet, trotted a few feet, sat down again and stared at me. I yelped again before disappearing into the dense woods.
In other news, Minnesota DNR conservation officer Tom Hemker in Winona reports fishing to be good as the river gets closer to normal. Limits of sunfish and walleyes were checked and bass fishing was good.
Conservation officer Tyler Ramaker, stationed in La Crescent, and other local law enforcement assisted a boater whose boat trailer and vehicle became partially submerged at a boat ramp. The vehicle and trailer were recovered.
Ramaker said anglers on Pool 9 who were having good success catching panfish.Until we meet, have a great day outdoors.