Out and About with Bob

A heavy dose of the "white stuff" Monday and Tuesday has sure turned the Coulee Region into a winter wonderland and piles of snowbanks.
Deer and wild turkeys are on a feeding frenzy ever since the snow subsided late Tuesday. Turkeys flock to the huge field for waste corn near our condo in the valley during the day. Deer take their turn from dusk to dawn each day.
Interestingly, there is one deer that has been feeding in the field among the turkeys during the midafternoon the past two days. I figure it is either extremely hungry, or wants to beat his four-legged counterparts to the dinner table. The lone deer seems unfazed by the turkeys or residents walking their dogs near the field.
I noticed a few anglers fishing through the ice below the Dresbach Lock and Dam about 10 a.m., on Wednesday. Hard-water anglers continue to flock to areas around the airport lights on Lake Onalaska. Perch and northern pike are biting the best.
The WIFA State High School Ice Fishing Championship is this weekend on Pools 7 and 8 on the Mississippi River. Chad Knapmiller, at Schafer's River Rentals on Brice Prariie, heard there could be around 1,000 boys and girls competing in the event.
Minnesota DNR conservation warden Tom Hemker, stationed in Winona, said snowmobile trails in the Winona area are back open and in good shape. La Crosse County snowmobile trails are also open. Users are urged to ride with caution.
Downhill and cross-country skiers, as well as snowboarders are out and about with big smiles on their faces.
Outdoors photographers are smiling while finding spectacular shots throughout the Greater La Crosse Area.
Until we meet, have a great day outdoors.