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Out and About with Bob

What a difference one week makes in the weather.
There was blanket of snow covering the ground one week ago. Now, all that's left are a few snowbanks in the Coulee Region. Unfortunately, folks farther upriver aren't quite so lucky.
Here in God's Country, I can actually see green grass, skunk cabbage and watercress.
Turkeys are gobbling, deer are feeding and roadkills are becoming more common. Trout streams are babbling for anglers to come and check them out, especially when the "catch and keep" season opens May 5.
Pelicans continue to dot local rivers. Sandhill cranes are making their presence known in lowlands and fields. Bald eagles are nesting. Canada geese and ducks are searching for high ground to raise another batch of young.
I have definitely grown accustomed to temperatures in the 60s and 70s.
We have been doing less fishing and more working on Ol' Tom's boathouse this week as rivers continue to rise. The latest forecast is 12.5 feet - one-half foot over flood stage - in La Crosse late next week, but as we all know, that could change.
Until we meet, have a great day outdoors.