Out and About with Bob

I finally got out fishing off Ol" Tom's boathouse on Wednesday.
Thanks to Derrick and Junior, I straddled planks and waddled my way to the boathouse about 11:30 a.m. I fished 'til about 1:30 and caught enough fish for a meal for me and my better half.
It was so much fun to get out to the rustic boathouse fishing again even though it was June 19. One bite after another. The fish were hungry. So was I.
I couldn't believe the fish that were biting - crappies, perch, sunfish, bluegills and one smallmouth bass.
I planned to toss out my two catfish poles, too, but I was too busy reeling in panfish, more small ones than large ones, but nonetheless enough for the fry pan.
Junior called when I was cleaning fish in my garage late in the afternoon. He was out of town earlier, but wanted to know if we could get out to the boathouse.
"Yup," I said. "And the fish are biting."
That was enough for Junior.
"What time are we going tomorrow? I can't wait," he said.
"See you at 10:30," I replied.
Meanwhile, deer continue to frequent our backyard almost on a daily basis. The huge field next to our condo isn't drawing any whitetails or turkeys, but as soon as the first cut of alfalfa is done, they'll be out there in droves for a week or so.
Minnesota DNR conservation officer Tyler Ramaker, in La Crescent, received a complaint of a cougar attacking a horse. After investigating the scene, it was determined the horse had injured itself in barbed wire.
Conservation officer Mitch Boyum, in Rushford, fielded numerous reports of baby animals. People are reminded to please leave them alone. Until we meet, have a great day outdoors.