Karen Perry from Wild Birds Unlimited

Well, now that we have some milder weather, it's a good time to get outside and clean up the feeders.  
Check for wet seed on any hopper style or fly through feeders, get rid of that and replace with fresh dry seed.
Clean out that bath if you haven't for a few days. Refresh with water.  Birds love their heated baths this time of year. If you haven't invested in one, please consider as it's a great investment. We've had our two for over 15 years and they still work great.
Birds love suet, peanuts and tree nuts this time of year. The are high in fat to keep them warm on cold winter nights. Our Wild Birds Bark Butter is now "Hot Pepper" flavor to keep the squirrels away from it. There's no harm to our songbirds and they love it!  
I have a pair of Carolina wrens that come everyday for the snacks and/or bark butter I have in a dish.
The Christmas Bird Count started Wednesday in the La Crosse Area. The count week period includes the 3 days before and 3 days after our count day. Therefore, it runs from (12/12) through Friday (12/14) and again from Sunday (12/16) through Tuesday (12/18).
If you see any unusual species of bird that may not be seen on Saturday during the count week period, please let me know. If that species isn’t counted on Saturday, we can still include the species as a count week addition. Some candidates would be Carolina wrens, unusual late visitors at feeders that normally are gone, and migrating gulls and waterfowl along the river.
I enjoy participating in this count. You don't have to do it every day and if you can just do an hour or so that's perfect as well. I like to try and do it at a time when I know there will be a lot of activity at my feeders. For more information you can contact Dan Jackson at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.'t forget Wild Birds Unlimited is the place to shop for all your backyard bird feeding and nature gifts. Our seed products are the best in town! Most of our feeders are made in the USA and a lot of them have guarantees on them.
Stop in and see us in Onalaska. We are located in the Crosseroads shopping center across from Valley View Mall. Contact us at 608-781-5088.
Happy Birding!
Karen Perry