Karen Perry from Wild Birds Unlimited

WOW, it’s July already!  
Time is flying by – sad that we are still dealing with this COVID-19. Hope everyone is staying as safe as possible. It’s hard to wear masks especially with this heat, but remember it’s a good idea to keep all of us safe.
The 4th of July is upon us and it's VERY warm going into the weekend, so just a few reminders in this HOT weather:
* Be sure you are refreshing the nectar feeders on a regular basis when it’s HOT like this week. Every two days is best. I recently read this online and it makes sense.
* Hummingbirds need water during the hot weather and adding too much sugar can leave them feeling tired and dehydrated. For that reason REDUCE the sugar water to a ratio of 1 part sugar to 5 parts water instead of 4 during HOT weather.  
* The first brood of immature hummingbirds will begin to show up at nectar feeders this month so be prepared to keep them healthy.  Also please leave the red dye out. They drink nectar from all types of flowers that are different colors. Red dye isn’t good for us, so why give it to a small hummer? Most like nature is BEST for these little jewels.
* If you have jelly out for your orioles, also make sure that stays nice and fresh. If you are having issues with bees in the jelly, give Wild Birds Unlimited a call or stop in and we can help you with that problem.
* Suet – It’s too hot for suet so make sure you are using suet dough instead. It has a higher melting point and won’t turn rancid as the suet may in this heat. Also, no suet hanging out from the butcher this time of year, please and thank you.
* Water. You’ve heard me write about water before and I never stop talking about the importance of a clean bird bath. During this heat, it’s even more important to refresh that bath with clean water. If you can, twice a day is even better. There are a number of birds including hummingbirds that love to fly through the sprinkler to get a drink on the fly or just to cool off and clean their feathers a bit.
As a reminder, we will be closed on Saturday in observance of the 4th of July.
Have a SAFE, healthy 4th of July and let’s remember to be KIND to everyone!
God Bless America!
Karen Perry
Wild Birds Unlimited, Onalaska, 608-781-5088