Karen Perry from Wild Birds Unlimited

Brr... it's a cold one this morning.
Be sure no seed is frozen in your feeders. If you have tube feeders, give them a good shake. If you haven't filled them in a while, empty what's left in a bucket, put fresh in the bottom and top off with the old if it's not moldy or wet.
Make sure you have suet or one of our WBU Bark Butter products out as birds need the high fat when it is so cold out.
We have Bark Butter bits that can be put in feeders for birds that don't come to suet feeders. Birds love our Bark Butter.Some things to be on the lookout for:
* Listen for chickadees to start singing their two-note, "spring soon" call. I love hearing that song!
* Goldfinches will start to show small spots of bright yellow as they molt into their breeding plumage - another sign of spring!
* Don't be surprised to find flocks of robins at your heated bird baths. Not all robins migrate and they love finding a heated bird bath to bathe and drink in. Robins also love Bark Butter bits. Sprinkle some on the ground if you see robins out by the bath.
That's it for this week - stay warm - feed your birds and stop in and see us at Wild Birds Unlimited located in the Crosseroads Center across from Valley View Mall (608-781-5088).
Happy Birding!
Karen Perry