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Karen Perry from Wild Birds Unlimited

Hey guys! - Happy Early Father's Day!   
Make sure you family knows Wild Birds Unlimited has all your birding nature items that you love so much. We have gift cards and right now, if anyone spends $50 they get $10 off!
What's going on in the birding world?  
Well, we've had some fledglings leave the nests, lots of baby house finches and unfortunately house sparrows, grackles and starlings. What a mess.  
I have changed out all my feeders to safflower, finch mix (thistle and fine sunflower chips) upside down suet feeders and then have my squirrel proof feeder with the good mix in it set to allowing only one bird perhaps two light birds at a time. No grackles and starlings for sure!
The final work is that with all the damp weather, rain and humidity, we have a large amount of mosquitoes, gnats and ticks in the area.
Please be careful with the ticks. Make sure if you are going for a walk in a wooded area to check yourself carefully and if you have children and/or pets you should check them daily.
Make sure you remove the WHOLE tick and if you need assistance check out
Make sure you use a good bug spray on your body to keep the mosquitoes and gnats at bay. NEVER, NEVER spray any type of bug spray on your face! Spray on your hands first, then wipe your face and keep your hands AWAY from your eyes!
Wild Birds Unlimited has an awesome bug stick that we sell called Murphy's Mosquito sticks. These are AWESOME. They keep the mosquitoes away as well as those nasty annoying gnats. Use together with a spray while camping or on your deck and you have it made!
Happy Summer!
Karen Perry