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Zebra mussels confirmed in Pimushe Lake in Beltrami County

Careful monitoring by a county invasive species specialist led to the confirmation of zebra mussels in Pimushe Lake in…

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Barbara Nicklaus earns PGA Distinguished Service Award

By BOB DELANEYPGA Historian WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. – Fifteen years ago, Barbara Nicklaus approached her husband, Jack, and…

Bob stumbles upon dead 5-point buck in La Crosse County

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  • barredowl450x265_op.png
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  • buckafterdoe450x265_op.png
  • buckinsnow450x265_op.png
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Area Report

  • Bob Lamb

    Out and About with Bob

    Tuesday was an interesting day to say the least.As I made may daily drive into La Crosse, I noticed a big, white belly in the brush on our condominium association property. I didn't see the same white belly the day before.I drove home, put on some…
  • Jerry Davis
    Nov 14, 2019

    From Southern Wisconsin

    November provided winter or winter-like temperatures and precipitation - more than October and November usually do.More snow and more thermometer…
  • Nov 13, 2019

    Wisconsin Birding Report

    Unusually cold weather is bringing early ice to many water bodies this week. Madison Audubon’s Goose Pond Sanctuary hosted over 500 tundra swans,…
  • Wild Birds Unlimited
    Nov 13, 2019

    Karen Perry from Wild Birds Unlimited

    Well, folks, you know I am always encouraging water for the birds. If you don't have a heated bath perhaps this will help you decide. There are…

Motorists must be on the lookout as the deer rut is upon us

Kathy's Blog

  • Happy anniversary Outdoors Guy!!!!!

    Today marks 4.5 years since The Outdoors Guy was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer on May 8, 2015.Against enormous odds, not…
  • A labor of love

    It’s a tradition. Fall in our household signals it's time for The Outdoors Guy to pay a…
  • Tis the season…....

    It’s The Outdoors Guy’s busy season. He just wrapped up his tournament director…

County Am

Skogen makes it 2 in a row for County Amateur

HOLMEN, WI - The 2019 La Crosse County Men's Amateur Golf Championship as presented by…

Bob's Recipes

Venison ribs and kraut

What you need4-5 pounds of venison ribs3 beef bouillon cubes1 chicken bouillon cube1 stick of butter or margarineTwo large…